@bufferapp: best for personal use or business use?

By Christine Varriale

BufferApp is a fairly new social network scheduling service that allows one to post to Twitter or Facebook. There are both advantages and disadvantages to Buffer, but should you be using it for your brand page?

BufferApp draft

Some of the top features of BufferApp are its automatic scheduling, built in bit.ly analytics, chrome extension and potential reach numbers. In BufferApp, the user
composes tweets and/or Facebook posts, and BufferApp automatically schedules them to times that you set when you first sign up. It defaults to times it believes are most engaging on Twitter. Built in bit.ly analytics are an easy way to see how many people actually click on the links you post. To see how many people will potentially read your links on their Twitter stream through RTs, potential reach is a useful statistic also. The Google Chrome extension is a great feature for easily sharing articles and websites through BufferApp.

Buffer Chrome ExtensionThese advantages make BufferApp a great tool for a personal Twitter account, but this innovative product at its current stage does not prove beneficial for running brand’s social media platforms. Firstly, Twitter and Facebook posts are repetitively sent at the same time every day or the same time each day of the week. Fluctuating your Twitter posts slightly in the day is a great way to show your followers that there is not a robot behind your Twitter; there is a real person behind your brand. Furthermore, BufferApp is not a monitoring platform for your brand page. You would have to combine the efforts of Hootsuite and BufferApp to monitor, so scheduling in BufferApp seems superfluous. The biggest qualm I have with BufferApp is that the free version only allows you to schedule 10 tweets at a time. For a fee, you can have multiple account access and schedule an unlimited amount of tweets.


The advantages of BufferApp lead me to the conclusion that BufferApp works very well for a personal account, but for brands, stay with Hootsuite. If you’re a social media fiend working at your desk all day, BufferApp is perfect for sending out all of your tweets throughout the day without having to worry about scheduling times or visiting Twitter. Since BufferApp is still in its early stages, there is plenty of room to grow. I look forward to seeing the path it takes in the future and whether it will position itself as a tool for brands or strictly for personal use.

Do you use BufferApp for personal accounts or brands? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Nicola January 31, 2012
Hi Christine,  What does BufferApp offer that HootSuite does not? I don't quite see the value-add.
Christine Varriale February 5, 2012
I agree with Adam. With BufferApp, scheduling posts in bulk is much easier, but with Hootsuite, it is easier to see the big picture and have more control over when your posts go up.
Adam Lichtenstein January 31, 2012
Buffer offers the ability to basically stockpile stuff to post later. Great for personal use. Whereas with Hootsuite you set up different posts for particular social media pages and can give them dates to post on. I think for a business this is ideal because you can create a calendar or schedule.
January 27, 2012
Hey Christine, thanks a lot for the terrific post, greatly appreciate it! Yes, you are absolutely right, if you are managing a brand, I believe HootSuite is definitely a fantastic solution. It's just like you say, we have a very strong focus to be a great tool for individuals right now! Buffered this post for sure! :) 
Christine Varriale January 30, 2012
Thanks! I appreciate you reading and sharing it out!

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