Unmute The Web With SoundCloud

By Rodney Hazard

What brands do you see on Soundcloud? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Also feel free to check out my Soundcloud :D

[...] Soundcloud – This is a social network for sound, not just music. Compared to Spotify, it’s easier to find and to communicate with people you [...]
Zach Davis June 6, 2012
Pictures play a large role in attracting an audience on your social media sites. Will Soundcloud become more effective than pictures in the near future? I see music labels and brands using Soundcloud effectively, but every business has sounds right? Will there be more emphasis on branding your sound now?
Rodney Hazard June 6, 2012
 I think so Zach. Simply because sound is a medium that we consume in parallel. We can listen to a book while we drive, or even listen to a webinar while we design. Just as photos and videos are social, so is sound.
David Noël June 7, 2012
Great comment and thanks for the post, Rodney!
Rodney Hazard June 7, 2012
Thanks for checking it out man! I love soundcloud, I'm on it 24/7: http://snd.sc/veKEFs
Rodney Hazard June 7, 2012
No problem man, I love what you guys do. I'm an avid user of soundcloud: http://snd.sc/veKEFs
Zach Davis June 6, 2012
Thanks Rodney
Rodney Hazard June 6, 2012
 No problem, thanks for reading :D

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