Unmute The Web With SoundCloud

By Rodney Hazard

What brands do you see on Soundcloud? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

Also feel free to check out my Soundcloud :D

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  • http://www.mediawizardz.com/ Zach Davis

    Pictures play a large role in attracting an audience on your social media sites. Will Soundcloud become more effective than pictures in the near future? I see music labels and brands using Soundcloud effectively, but every business has sounds right? Will there be more emphasis on branding your sound now?

    • Rodney Hazard

       I think so Zach. Simply because sound is a medium that we consume in parallel. We can listen to a book while we drive, or even listen to a webinar while we design. Just as photos and videos are social, so is sound.

      • http://www.mediawizardz.com/ Zach Davis

        Thanks Rodney

        • Rodney Hazard

           No problem, thanks for reading :D

      • http://david-noel.com David Noël

        Great comment and thanks for the post, Rodney!

        • Rodney Hazard

          No problem man, I love what you guys do. I’m an avid user of soundcloud: http://snd.sc/veKEFs

        • Rodney Hazard

          Thanks for checking it out man! I love soundcloud, I’m on it 24/7: http://snd.sc/veKEFs

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