The Likeable Podcast 4: Being Authentic with @AdamKmiec

By Frank Emanuele

Likeable Award winner Adam Kmiec of the Campbell Soup Company talks about the importance of brands being authentic in social media. Also, Frank & Cara talk about Mike & Ike’s latest campaign, and what’s the haps in social media?

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What brands do you think are most authentic in social media? Have any thoughts on the Mike & Ike’s campaign? Sound off!


[...] our global vision and strategy for digital. It was in back-to-back podcasts with Kevin Hunt and Frank Emanuele at Likeable Media, where we first tested how simple and palatable the vision and strategy really [...]
Becca July 8, 2012
Your contents are great and yes the key is to offer something special to your visitors.. like free trainings, videos, ebooks.. all these cost money but giving it to your readers for free is a sure fire way to capture leads  

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