The Likeable Podcast 7: Crisis Averted!

By Frank Emanuele

If you find yourself in the middle of a PR nightmare, how would you handle it? Cara & Frank discuss the best and worst ways to manage a brand crisis, spotlight a brand delighting their fans in a delicious way, and cover all the latest social media news!

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How can brands be more likeable during a crisis? Have you seen any shining examples? Share your thoughts below!

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Marc Resnick August 2, 2012
I was listening to your podcast, loving it as always, but I thought that your experience as social media gurus might have been slanting your take on the crisis control issue.  For United and the guitar incident, there is a lot of data that most people select flights based 99% on price.  So even if thousands of people feel for him and want him to get compensated, there is still a very good chance that if United shows up at the top of their Kayak search results they are still going to book it. For Chick Fil 'A, I don't think being Likeable is something the CEO cares about.  For decades he has been a deeply religious person and has integrated his religious beliefs into his business practices.  I suspect that if you asked him directly, he would be willing to give up his position on the Most Loved Fast Food Chains list, even if it costs him a bucketful of money.  Chick Fil 'A is privately owned and he has the right to make this tradeoff.  And even though I disagree vehemently with his beliefs about same-sex marriage, I can't help but respect his willingness to put them in front of profit.  I think the curfuffle he has caused has brought about exactly what he was looking for.  Mike Huckabee organizing the Chick Fil 'A eat-in for religious conservatives and the kiss-in tomorrow by same-sex advocates has given untold media attention to an issue he cares deeply about.  Maybe the move was a social media success given what he was trying to get out of it.

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