‘Tasti’ Tips for Creating Loyal Customers with @BJ_Emerson

In this week’s Watch Me Wednesday, I chat with my friend BJ Emerson, VP of Technology at Tasti D-Lite and co-author of The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave with Tasti D-Lite CEO, James Amos.  In today’s video, BJ talks about three lessons from the “Tasti D-Lite way.” First, listen and never stop listening to your customers. Then, find someone to champion that information within your company. Finally, find the best social media platform to respond to your customers. These three steps will get you well on your way to building a loyal and satisfied customer base.

How does your business use social media to create loyal customers? Share your thoughts and tips in the comments below!

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