Why You Need Passion To Be A Strong Marketer

By Michele Weisman

“It’s more important that you be passionate about what you do all day than it is to be passionate about the product that is being sold.” – Seth Godin

Passion is key to your success. It makes your job, not “just a job,” but a meaningful part of your life. If you are losing sight of what you are passionate about, your goals are too small. Never let fear get in the way of your dreams.

Passion is often displayed in person- whether it’s a screaming sports fan who’s face is painted orange, a line wrapped around the Apple store waiting for the release of the iPhone 5, or a teenage girl who has “Bieber fever.” As a social media marketer, free instant access to masses creates an opportunity to spread passion exponentially. Marketers now have the opportunity to convey their passion through multiple social networks and interactions within seconds. They have the chance to share their passion with a large audience.

Successful marketers channel their passion through their brand authentically online and offline. In return, your customers will be your biggest advocates without any incentive to do so. Think of your favorite brand, the one you are most passionate about. How many times have you tweeted to your thousands of followers or shared on Facebook how much you love this brand without any reason? The relationship between a brand and an ambassador is built on trust, not rewards.

Personally, I’ve never met a great marketer who wasn’t passionate. Dan Kim, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Red Mango, is a passionate marketer. Every interaction on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, Dan shows his love for frozen yogurt. Whether he is sharing fan generated content of their latest frozen yogurt creation at Red Mango or creating new flavors, Dan is committed to excellence.

It is an important reminder that passion does not replace skill, it enhances it. Someone who is passionate about their job responsibilities and the business’ mission is the best of both worlds. Here at Likeable Media, our internal core value statement is: “We are driven, passionate, transparent, adaptable thought leaders. We are Likeable.” We are passionate in everything we do.

Finding your passion takes time. Figure out what you are truly passionate about and run with it. Think, what makes you tick? Trust your gut and your heart. What do you have to lose?

What are you passionate about? Do you believe strong marketers need to be passionate? Share with us in the comments below!

Building A Diamond Arts Group November 2, 2012
Great article. I think that when marketers channel their passion, momentum builds quickly. Yes passion is essential because I think it shows both ways, when a marketer or marketing team has lack of passion, nobody will get behind their campaign or efforts. Conversely, when you choose excellence, quirkiness, kindness, and pour that into a brand, that's the stuff of home run territory. Here's to More Passion in business, and more Purple Cows!
Peter Kelly October 29, 2012
It doesn`t apply just for marketers. In my opinion, if one isn`t passionate about something, he can`t be really good at it. If one has a passion for something, he has the interest, he has the will to do something more than is required and these are the things you need to be great at something.
Passion « ciradj22's Blog October 28, 2012
[...] and understand this quote.  Michael Weisman from Likeable Media, talks about why you need passion as a marketer.  Passion is the reason you are successful.  It [...]

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