Facebook Through The Years [Infographic]

Facebook has come a long way since its Harvard days in 2004.  From its humble beginnings as a collegiate connector to the most cost-effective way to market a business, Facebook has changed the world. We’ve seen Facebook grow from an idea to a global connector with over a billion users. As we celebrate Facebook’s birthday, let’s take a look at some of its major accomplishments.

From all of us at Likeable, Happy 9th Birthday Facebook!

Credit: Ramon Thompson, Likeable Media

Amil Husain February 11, 2013
Weak timeline. There are so many interesting comparisons that could have been made, overall growth, international penetration, etc. Instead we just have a list of features?
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Sanket Patel February 5, 2013
Happy Birthaday Facebook ..Facebook is one of the king on social networking sites, Facebook change the people opinions and thinking view. There are millions users are use the Facebook networking site with different views, features and facilities.

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