The Most Underrated Feature of Facebook

By Barry Hott

Underrated and underutilized: Interest lists.

This month marked the one year anniversary of one of the most powerful marketing tools Facebook has ever offered, but you probably don’t even use. No, not Insights. Not Sponsored Stories. Not Open Graph or Graph Search.

Interest Lists.

Interest Lists were heralded as a new tool that would allow you to organize your News Feed into a “personalized newspaper,” but many Facebook users completely ignore the feature. Interest Lists have, however, become an integral part of my day as a social media professional.

Monitoring Clients

By setting up a list of all of your own clients, you can monitor how all of your daily posts are performing from one spot. You can also respond to comments on behalf of each of your pages, without having to check on each one separately. While I used to open six tabs to check on my Facebook pages, I can now open one and get a comprehensive view of what’s happening. I still visit the actual pages to view other posts on the page, but this allows me to quickly see how posts are performing and, more important, see how the posts look in the actual News Feed, instead of just on the page.

Spying On Competitors

Some clients have many competitors that can be difficult to track. By creating Interest Lists for each of your clients’ competitors, you can easily keep an eye on them without having to visit each of their pages. Added bonus: you don’t have to like the page, so your friends (and clients) won’t see you liking your competitors’ pages.

My favorite brand pages on Facebook (Seamless is a Likeable client)

Inspiration From The Best

There are some pages that nail their Facebook content, and it’s important to follow them for inspiration. Instead of hoping they show up in your News Feed, see all their amazing work in one place with an Interest List, and get inspired!

What tools and features do you use to streamline your social media monitoring?

Lukas Barta April 3, 2013
Thank you for this article! Just a few days ago I was thinking about if is there something like a subscribe button for Pages - and here it is! Very helpful.
Steve March 27, 2013
I love the FB Interest list and use it in a similar fashion. Great stuff as always, thanks Likeable Media!
Ghassan Younis March 26, 2013
To me, especially after Goggle killing its Reader, Interest Lists is were I do most of my readings now. The good side; blogs publish some content (including media) from other sources that you won't find in their RSS feed. Down side? Although the majority already have Facebook pages, but they don't update it with all their feed content (and I understand why).
Ian Said March 26, 2013
I have been using Interest Lists for some time and couldn't do without them now. I have numerous; my clients, my competitors, Facebook gurus, social media gurus, FoodService gurus, etc etc. My lists go on. They are invaluable and are a real time saver, for viewing the news feed thru all the clutter and ads, etc. Great read and couldn't agree more. Thanks, Ian
Hannah Davey March 26, 2013
This was super helpful! I've always wondered what Interest Lists were, but never bothered to check up on it. I think being able to see competitors pages without liking them is super useful. Thank you, Barry!

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