3 Things Your Brand Can Learn From Grumpy Cat

By Cara Friedman

SXSW is notorious for giving us the “next big thing” in the social media/digital space. Some of our favorite startups and social networks launched right on the ground at SXSW. However, this year people are talking less about the cool new network or company and more about their favorite meme, grumpy cat. What’s so special about this cat? Can we really learn something from a cat with the stink eye? Yes, I think we can. Here are three takeaways from grumpy cat that you can use for your brand:

1. Anything is possible with a loyal fan base. What’s the ROI of a like or a loyal community? Take a look at grumpy cat and truly understand what it means to have loyal fans. Hundreds of people waited in line for hours just to meet him. This loyalty isn’t saved just for funny memes. Brands, most notably Apple, have experienced similar experiences with fans who love them so much that they will go to extremes for them.

2. Give the people what they want. How do you make your fans happy? By giving them what they ask for! People LOVE grumpy cat and he always delivers. Check out this slideshow of grumpy cat in various costumes, making fans go wild. As a brand, you should listen to your community, hear what they want, and then deliver.

3. Stay true to yourself. Fans love grumpy cat because he is who he is. Grumpy cat isn’t smiling or trying to conform to something else. He’s loved for being 100% himself. As much as you want to give the people what they want, you need to stay true to your brand. Make sure that everything you do is aligned with your brand’s voice, image, and goals.

Are you a fan of grumpy cat? He doesn’t care.

[...] The smart money is becoming a bit more sober in its standards. Profit- earning it- is now good, dressing like a 12-year-old and having little more than orgiastic press releases to show for a few years efforts are  bad if one helms a startup. The good old days- when a Drupal site and an army of young, Brooklyn-Industries-clad engineers with a handful of functional, yet derivative approaches to Big Data might spawn a few dozen blog posts and a tech hot list mention- are finally at an end. Glorious, often bot-driven vanity metrics and stirring, aspirational financial forecasts have become so common among ad tech startups that some early-stage companies are now hiring social media firms to hone, among other frivolities, the semiotic contexts of their Grumpy Cat retweets. [...]
[...] are now hiring social media firms to hone, among other frivolities, the semiotic contexts of their Grumpy Cat retweets. This mass substitution of assorted smears of quirkyness for authentic branding is part of a [...]
[...] 3 Things Your Brand Can Learn From Grumpy Cat [...]
sarah March 27, 2013
You know Grumpy Cat is female, right?
Jaclyn Webster March 23, 2013
Ha! I loved this post! Not only do I love grumpy cat, but I liked how you tied him into brand marketing! I didn't realize at first that there was actually something you can learn from grumpy cat, but I find myself enlightened now!

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