[...] Content.” Feedback from surveys determined that Facebook users don’t like seeing the same content again and again. (I know, what a surprise, right?) So the social network improved the algorithm to filter out [...]
WiseStep June 17, 2013
I've noticed that my social media engagement has decreased. These tips will really help out. I am always a little scared of making a mistake, but I think I can use these tips without fear!!
[...] 3 Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Brand’s Engagement on Social Media http://t.co/hEMEeuwkuo via @likeablemedia  [...]
terepan May 25, 2013
For imagery for your clients, do you take the photos yourself then? Where do you get photos if not stock. Love any tips on this. I am guilty of using many stock photos for my posts.
[...] her post last week, our CEO touched upon a topic that I’d like to expand upon: What drives you to click the [...]
Mark Willoughby May 16, 2013
An interesting read Carrie, thank you. Could I ask about images please. They are not getting as many likes as I thought they would but my written post get more! Any idea's?

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