Do These 5 Things To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

By Brian Murray

LinkedIn is the most valuable network for the professional. Many people only consider LinkedIn when they are involved in a job search, but the value extends far beyond that. It can be used to find decision makers or network to find a new opportunity. However, like most things, the time to start using it is NOT when you need it. Your profile should be up-to-date and you should be regularly using it in anticipation of the moment when you do need it. Here is a list of five things you should check today in order to ensure your profile is up-to-date!

Profile Picture:

Have you refreshed your picture recently? Is it the same picture you are using for Tinder? If I saw you on LinkedIn, would I recognize you in person? Your picture will be the first thing people notice when they look at your profile. How does it represent you and the organizations you are associated with? And if you don’t have a picture, it’s time to get one.

Action Item: Add your picture or make sure it is recent and relevant!

Jobs and Timeline:

Are your timelines accurate? What does your headline say about you right now? What were your actual job titles? Make sure to list out specific responsibilities. That doesn’t necessarily mean listing out every skill–so Microsoft Word probably doesn’t belong here–but you should  list your achievements and clients. This part of your profile can be found via LinkedIn search and the Recruiter Tool; if you want to be discovered, this needs to be complete.

Action Item: Go through your timeline and make sure all of your positions are listed accurately. You can include all of them–this is your extended resume!

Skills & Expertise:

This part of your profile has two important features: First, you can now be endorsed for specific skills by others, lending credibility to you. Second, this part can also be searched for. If you have unique skills or technical abilities, you should list them here. This will let people looking to work with you find you. Adding information here is like doing a bit of SEO for yourself!

Action Item: Go add three skills to your profile right now!


Don’t ask people for recommendations when you need them. Instead, you should be asking them periodically at opportune times, like when you change jobs or when you finish a project. When I see someone ask for many recommendations at once, I assume they are looking for a new position or already have one foot out the door.

Action Item: Go ask one person for a recommendation. When you do this, make sure to personalize it!


LinkedIn has become a content powerhouse. Whether it be joining groups, following influencers, or following companies, you should become a more active participant in the conversation. When you find great people to engage with or amazing content, LinkedIn can become your go-to source for all things professional.

Action Item: Go follow a couple influencers and companies! Might I suggest Dave Kerpen and Likeable Media?

Want to connect with me? Find me here!

So how often do you update your LinkedIn profile?

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  • Liz Hoxie

    I’ve recently updated my LinkedIn profile. This is the first update I’ve made in awhile and thought it may help since I’m actively looking for a new job. I deleted some positions that were temporary jobs because I’ve heard these positions may make me look like a “job hopper,” reflecting poorly on my stability. I hope these changes will assist me in finding a job quickly.

    • Deborah Hymes

      Hi Liz, Re: temp jobs, it depends on how you present them. Don’t automatically shortchange yourself just because they were short-term gigs. Your work and your contributions are valuable no matter how long they last!

      Were the jobs for big-name companies that add to your credibility? Did they offer the opportunity to work on any interesting projects or connect with high-profile people? Did they allow you to develop new skills or augment existing skills?

      If so, then they were valuable work experience. If you want to include them, make a single experience entry called “Consulting” or “Freelance Projects” and then list the appropriate info all under that category.

      Then if (when) an interviewer asks about this period of work, you’ll be able to explain it in a way that bolsters your overall career story, rather than it being a red herring that you need to explain away. ;)

  • sara araby

    Ok, this is A great article can i ask from you to tell us how the recruiters can find their candidates with fast & correct way using linkedin?

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