Is There Hope For @VineApp?

By Andi Barton

Thursday’s Instagram video announcement ignited a great deal of buzz. Initial sentiment varied, but one theme surrounding the conversation was the fate of Vine. Once Instagram incorporated seamless video into its stream, Vine lost its differentiating appeal–and is now facing competition from one of the top social media networks.

So this begs the question: Is there hope for Vine? 

There are two areas, for now, where Vine may still come out as the winner:

1. Loop Feature: One feature that Instagram has yet to incorporate is the video loop. The continued repeat of Vine’s six second video allows for additional time spent consuming the media. The loop can extend the impact of a video by giving the impression it is one continuous, recurring scene. Consumers are less likely to reload and view a video multiple times when it requires additional actions and clicks.

2. Twitter Integration: The fact that Vine videos can be viewed directly in the Twitter feed is a major factor that wins over Instagram video. You only have 8 seconds to retain the attention of your consumers–likely even on Twitter. With users needing to click out of their stream to view an Instagram video, it may be a real deterrent for consumers.

It is still early to gauge how Instagram video will do. With Instagram and Facebook’s dominating partnership in the social space, there will likely be innovative updates to the video feature that may far surpass Vine and any potential competitors. In order to avoid drowning, Vine must remain equally as innovative and continue to find its differentiating features.

Do you think Instagram video will dominate as the social video sharing app? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Bob Philpin July 4, 2013
I think the loop function on Vine has a influencing power that a video function lacks, which is the power of the looped video art form as a marketing tool - some of the loops i have seen so far have been VERY creative and super interesting. I dont see a standard video sharing tool taking this out, unless they nick that function and bolt it on too.
Daniel Melbye June 27, 2013
I think Vine has a better chance at becoming the primary video creation tool on social media. I think it is a more creative tool and the recently leaks of potential new features seems to indicate that they intend to develop this further. Instagram is more for pretty video clips
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Callie Summers June 25, 2013
Many people (myself included) have found the loop function the most annoying. Instagram video is refreshing in the fact that it doesn't constantly play in a loop. Maybe since Instavideo is 15s instead of 8s, the loop wouldn't be as grating? I think if Instavideo can be twitter integrated, there is no hope for Vine.

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