Give Your Targeting Strategy a Boost With Graph Search

By Tim Bosch

Graph Search isn’t getting nearly enough attention from marketers. It’s an excellent, underrated tool for learning more about your brand’s audience. This tool has redefined how to best segment and target an audience with Facebook ads.

If you already have an established audience, you might be interested in using Facebook’s new search tool, “Pages liked by people who like [input brand name].”

Marketers can now tell if their fan base is in line with their category. Judging by the pages fans of Mashable like, you can see that they have done a fine job in establishing a highly targeted Facebook community. If Mashable decided to launch a fan acquisition ad campaign, they could use this information for their targeting efforts.

This type of mining can get even more granular with Facebook’s graph search. For example you can refine this search by page type. Let’s say we wanted to specifically talk about “interest pages”…

I like to go through this list and find interests that have under a million page likes. These to me are unique interests and should be explored as targeting options. Traveling, cooking, music and photography are common interests that have massive fan bases. You would not want to target these interest groups in ads because you would be going to broad.

This tool is especially great for new Facebook pages. You can now see what your competitors’ fans are interested in and what content works best for them.

I’m learning something new with graph search every day. How have you been using graph search in your marketing efforts?


[...] Dirígete a otras páginas que le gusten a tus fans de Facebook y a los fans de tu competencia directa usando graph search. [...]
[...] Target other pages liked by your Facebook fans and your primary competitor’s fans using graph search. [...]
Mohamed El Hageen July 18, 2013
A question remains! on which basis the order of interest/pages is sorted? Is it sorted by common fan likes for instance??? Still this need to include "Common Fans Likes"
44Cuse44 July 17, 2013
This is awesome advice! Having a lot of fun playing around with this!
Kelly Byrd July 17, 2013
A great post about maximizing the capabilities of Facebook Graph Search for paid marketing to reach hyper-targeted audiences.
Tim Bosch July 17, 2013
Thanks Kelly! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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