10 Surprising Social Media Statistics

By Samy Simorangkir and Shari Donk

Are you a social media “guru?” Do you know every statistic about every social network? Think again! In 2013, the social media space has changed drastically. This time last year, Vine, Instagram video and Snapchat didn’t even exist! In the past year, Facebook and Twitter have gone through multiple changes and re-brands and LinkedIn has nearly replaced the hand-written resume. Still think you know it all? Here are 10 social media stats that will surprise you:


  1. During the first half of 2013, there has been a 355% growth of social spam on a typical social media account (Social Media Today)
  2. The average lifespan of a piece of content on Pinterest is 1 week – as opposed to 80 minutes on Facebook and 5-25 minutes on Twitter. (Pin League)
  3. Over 250 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook daily (Visual.ly)
  4. Two-thirds of the world’s top 100 brands were already on Instagram before it introduced video (Digiday)
  5. 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. It would take you roughly four days to watch a minute’s worth of uploads.(BrandWatch)
  6. 5 Vines are tweeted every second (MediaBistro)
  7. 4.2 billion people use mobile device to access social media sites (Digital Insights)
  8. Sixty-one percent of current Facebook users have taken a voluntary break at one time or another (Pew)
  9. 50% of technology companies have acquired a customer through Twitter (HubSpot)
  10. Every second, two new members join LinkedIn (BufferApp)

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Daffnee November 12, 2013
Love this!
mediasociety November 8, 2013
interestingly, facebook, linkedin, and twitter all went public recently.
[...] recently came across a great infographic with “10 Surprising Social Media Stats” from Likeable Daily that may be helpful when figuring out your social media plan for next year. [...]
[...] RT @TheresaBraun: 10 Surprising Social Media Stats by @silentmacaroni and @donk2 via @likeablemedia http://t.co/9C66VQvAyw  [...]

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