3 Reasons Why What Matters to Your Fans Should Matter to You

Back in October, I attended a BlogWell conference in Boston and I had the opportunity to hear from a lot of big brands like Fidelity and Reebok, but Dunkin Donuts really stuck out to me. Their PR and Social Media Manager, Jessica Gioglio, said the following:

“We don’t run our social media channels. Our fans do.”

Ain’t that the truth but so what? Who cares? Below are 3 reasons why this matters.

1. Building relationships

Your social media channels weren’t created to be one-way streets. They were set up to get the inside scoop right from your consumers. What’s working and what’s not. They have the information and are willing to share on social but are you ready to listen?

2. Understanding the consumer

We always hear it: The consumer is always right. And trust me, this doesn’t change on social. With social sites becoming more and more crowded with content, your fans only want to see what’s important to them. Take notice of what is working and what’s not because 78% of consumers say that posts made by companies on social media influence their purchases.

One piece of advice: Find that sweet spot with your community and RUN WITH IT!


3. Reaching friends of fans with similar interests

Your fans are more than just fans. They become, so to speak, a walking billboard for you. They are the key to an untapped market that generally will listen to their friends’ recommendations. If you still don’t think this should matter, a recent Nielson study found that 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than all other forms of marketing.


Do you agree that your fans run your social media channels? What else should matter to you?


Jessica Gioglio December 4, 2013
Thank you for including me in the article and attending my BlogWell presentation!
Britany Robinson November 28, 2013
I definitely agree but I find the challenge is in sparking that initial conversation with them. You can't allow fans to run your social media channels, when you don't have enough fans to have a conversation. So how do you attract fans in the beginning, without talking at them or begging for responses?
Hisocial November 28, 2013
Great article Keith. Having your fans run the social media for you is really a success one can only hope, since there are lots of business that struggle to engage fans. These reasons you have stated can really be implemented in a strategy focused on consumers and their needs.
treb072410 November 28, 2013
Great post! Really informative.. Thanks for sharing!..

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