LinkedIn Opens Its Publishing Platform to Users

By Elana Lyn Gross


Image via The New York Times


The world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn, has opened its publishing platform to a select group of its 277 million members with plans to expand the capability in the near future.

In today’s official announcement, LinkedIn’s head of content, Ryan Roslansky, stated that the move will provide members with “a powerful new way to build their professional brand” on what he calls, “the definitive professional publishing platform.” This user generated content will be published to the member’s profile, subsequently disseminating the information to their network and followers. LinkedIn will then use its vast amount of user data and post engagement to, with an algorithm, distribute the articles to a wider viewership. Before today, the ability to publish long-form posts was limited to members of the popular and prestigious Influencer Program, which includes individuals influential within their industry, such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Martha Stewart, and our own Dave Kerpen. Now, talented authors who write posts that are highly engaging may be able to join these ranks without being, say, a Fortune 500 CEO or the President of the United States.

The main point of differentiation between this publishing platform and others, including WordPress, Facebook, and Pinterest, is that LinkedIn is directly tied to a professional identity. This change, along with the acquisition of Pulse, is indicative of the LinkedIn team’s larger mission of helping professionals. This expanded democratization of thought leadership is certainly a giant leap toward that goal. With its publishing platform, LinkedIn is democratizing thought leadership by providing a new and unique outlet for people to build their personal brand, share advice and insights, and be regarded as an industry expert.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn opening up its publishing platform? Share below.

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H Beulah Ben-Adam February 21, 2014
Always must love the phrase "thought leadership". Its expanded democratization is something else! I never got my intellectual property. sorted. However. my mind kept expanding. Now. at its maximum or apex. Is about to burst? Perhaps. I must. write.
Elana Lyn Gross March 5, 2014
Thank you! I hope you enjoy using it.
BuddyNovinski February 21, 2014
Right now I am very busy with a course and a seasonal job, but I intend to find time in the future.
Elana Lyn Gross March 5, 2014
That is great! Good luck with your course!
Sundial Centre February 21, 2014
This is interesting and surely will be a boon to users. Professionals will not have to move off LinkedIn to other media. Hopefully.
Elana Lyn Gross March 5, 2014
Thank you! It will be interesting to see what happens.
[...] I originally wrote this for the Likeable Media blog. [...]

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