3 Ways To Make LinkedIn Work For You

By Brian Murray

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that LinkedIn is making major changes. Recently LinkedIn has opened up publishing to the world after the success of its LinkedIn Influencers program (if you don’t have it yet, you will shortly), improved the data and analytics of who has viewed your profile, and continued to make Pulse a place for content discovery.  Here are three features you can use today to impact your business tomorrow.

1. LinkedIn publishing

In October 2012, LinkedIn launched the LinkedIn Influencer Program as a way to develop and push content in order to increase time spent on the site. It leveraged the networks and content of top users to increase user engagement. Many have called it a massive shift from an online resume to a full-featured daily destination. On February 19, LinkedIn announced that the power to publish long-form posts would soon be coming to the general public.

Many people have taken time to develop both their LinkedIn profiles and their networks–this means that you’ve already developed a built-in audience that will see your content. LinkedIn has already shown an ability to surface great content, and as they say, “cream rises to the top.”

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2. Improved “people you may know”

Nobody can argue the importance of growing a quality network. Previously, LinkedIn used to show just who viewed your profile, but now it is giving you more information, including trends and statistics. The opportunity to connect and follow up with people has always been something I’ve preached–but the data is telling a story that you can act upon now.

Your profile is a destination someone has arrived at. There are various ways that he/she could have found you, whether it’s via search terms, common connections, or simple browsing. Now that you’ve been armed with the data of what is driving traffic to your profile, you can increase that traffic. For instance, if you see that a search word is driving extra interest, you can tweak your profile or content to better reflect your expertise in that area. I’ve had a lot of people find me because I have Snapchat listed in my profile (since we’re using it at Likeable).

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3. Pulse, the new front page of the Internet

LinkedIn expertly aggregates professional content. Pulse surfaces new content based on what you “subscribe” to, your activity, and your network. If you’ve become an active member of the LinkedIn community, you will see content that can help you improve as a professional, drive sales, or get a new job. Pulse provides a simple and quick way to get interesting content. Let LinkedIn work for you.

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How are you using LinkedIn thanks to these recent changes?

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[...] BONUS: 3 Ways To Make LinkedIn Work For You [...]
Chris Barrows March 17, 2014
LinkedIn is a must - our personal brands are more important than ever. Professionally, even if you aren't savvy with making a website, you're able to create a space on the web using LinkedIn. The often underused part of LinkedIn - as least from talking to those I run training programs with - is groups, which open more doors than one would imagine if they aren't using them currently. Great post regardless!
Brian Murray March 20, 2014
Agreed Chris! Thanks for the compliment.
Corey March 13, 2014
I find myself checking my linkedin page more and more, making it somewhat a social media must-do in my daily routine. Rather than looking at goofy memes or a funny clip on YouTube, I much rather check in on my network, see who's been checking me out, and reading career related post on the site.
Brian Murray March 13, 2014
Corey- I think you are 100% spot on.

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