Why the Consumer Experience Matters Most

By Roly Gonzalez

It’s common to hear people talk about the need for engaging content or eye-catching images on social media. While these components are certainly necessary, they only tell a portion of the story. Social media is truly an immersive experience—and that’s where your focus should be.

The best brands on social media excel in this space because of their commitment to the overall consumer experience. Their brand identity, content, images, videos, and tone all work together to consistently provide their audience with an experience that adds value.

Let’s look at Coca Cola, one of the most popular brands on Facebook, as an example. In addition to having an instantly recognizable brand (which helps A LOT), it has created an environment on social that is more focused on the experience of the fans than selling cans of soda. The page’s description (“The Coca-Cola Facebook Page is a collection of your stories showing how people from around the world have helped make Coke into what it is today.”) sets the tone, expressing a focus on the consumer’s impact on the company versus what the company provides to the consumer.

Another brand that’s great at creating a thorough experience for its audience is Taco Bell. This brand shines extremely well on Twitter, where it has an extremely loyal base. Taco Bell aligned the brand with a tone and voice that speaks perfectly to the audience. It’s so successful at this that many compilation lists have been made of the brand’s best messaging (see one here  and another here). Taco Bell’s activity goes beyond just putting out messaging for fans to consume. The brand is great at creating and/or participating in quick conversations with both followers and other brands that demonstrate a genuine, human, real persona. Unafraid to take risks, Taco Bell is a brand that utilizes a well-developed experience to cultivate relationships with consumers.

We now live in a very social world, with hundreds of millions of users on various networks. As this infographic illustrates, there are far too many current and potential customers on social to haphazardly execute a social media strategy.

To build consumer relationships and retain customers, it is imperative to interact with them where they are and to generate genuine, continued interactions. While aspects of the social media will grow and evolve, it is not going away (as Likeable’s CEO Carrie Kerpen mentions here). And these interactions are much more than just a great image. It is important to create an overall experience, as explained here.

Remember: Generating great content is important, but you also have to place a major focus on your community and its experience.

What are some ways you think brands can improve the consumer experience on social media? Share in the comments!

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daveadox March 5, 2014
The obvious ways are listen, respond. Some other possibilities: + Inspire new ways of using the product + Teach - not just about the product but anything adjacent + Remix - How to use the product in unconventional ways (eg Ikea Hacker) + Connect - Bring users of the product together + Innovate - Take user suggestions and do something with them to improve So many more!

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