3 Ways Regulated Industries Can Use Social Media [VIDEO]

For those who work in regulated industries like financial, legal, insurance, or health, it can feel like an impossible task to craft a plan to use social media. After all, these industries have heavy rules and requirements and it can feel like more trouble than it’s worth.

However, the opportunities for companies in these sectors to use social media marketing are vast. It’s just knowing how to proceed that makes all of the difference.

In today’s episode of Carrie’s Corner, Carrie Kerpen discusses three social media tips for businesses that are heavily regulated.

For additional social media tips for regulated industries, read Carrie’s latest article in Inc. here.

[…] Your consumers are your HEART. This includes patients and any HCPs that are associated with your brand. These two are driving the conversation on social media, and without a strong presence you won’t be able to capitalize on this opportunity. This is the time to begin listening, engaging, and helping. […]
treb072410 May 11, 2014
Great post! Thanks for sharing!

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