9 Millennial Slang Words That Improve Your Social Media Voice


By John Kultgen 22 years old is the most common age in America right now. Gen-Y'ers, born in the  1980s and 1990s, are more numerous than Baby Boomers and three times the size of Generation X.  Baby Boomers will give up $400 billion in annual spending when they retire, leaving it up to Millennials to become the decision makers for what to buy their Generation Plurals children and their aging parents.

But if you’re going to market to them, you have to learn how to speak like them. And I don’t mean knowing “FOMO” and “twerk.” Those terms have been high-jacked by mainstreamed media. They seem old and tired by now. Here are some helpful terms for you to know that are still fresh, popular, and loved by Millennials.

Thirsty - a strong desire to have something or someone. Usually associated with lust.

ICYMI - short for "in case you missed it."

Pressed - attached or hyper-focused on something; having strong feelings, usually negative, toward something obsessively.

Yaaas - a more enthusiastic way to express excitement than "Yes!"

Yas Yaaas Yaaaas on Twitter

Note: number of A's can range to your desired length.

Yas Yoga Pants Twitter

TL;DR - short for "too long; didn't read."



Catfish - when someone creates a false identity online and deceives you into starting an online romance with him/her. Made popular by the MTV show of the same name.

Catfish term on Twitter

MCM - Man Crush Monday, a themed day on social media when you post a picture of a man who you think is attractive.

MCM Man Crush Monday Note: the female version is WCW - Woman Crush Wednesday.

wcw woman crush wednesday

Slay - when you achieve something spectacular; when an artist tops the charts with an album.

Slay term on Twitter

Bae - a term of endearment, very similar to "babe." Note: Before the word, you don't need an article or modifier such as "the" or "my."


Confused about another Millennial slang word? Leave the word in the comments below and I'll translate it for you.