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9 Reasons Why Sales Will Never Die

By Adam Lichtenstein

A generation of inbetweeners in culture, war, and technology, 90s kids are the children of the Internet. It started in chat rooms, led to Instant Messaging, and eventually they became the first adopters of social media (Facebook used to be for students only). But all those Friend Requests and “personalized” messages don’t translate to social skills IRL (that’s In Real Life, of course). Those are the most important skills a salesperson can have; more than having technique, a good salesperson needs to be personable. And as antiquated as it may seem, sales was, is, and always will be an invaluable part of business.

The majority of the startup demographic consists of  young, talented people creating stellar products, without a clue as to how to sell them. Especially since they’re so invested in the company’s success. This makes it harder to look at the product or service objectively–like your customers will.

At Likeable Local I spend most of my time speaking with independent business owners about the power of social media. Here are nine ways you can develop your  selling skill set. Continue reading

Why Facebook Ads Matter More Than Ever

By Adam Lichtenstein

The consensus of late is that Facebook Ads are a waste. One catalyst was GM’s $10M ad spend renegging practically minutes before Facebook’s IPO. The media construed this to mean GM may have known something we didn’t. This sparked more questions over the platform’s capabilities for effective advertising. Large corporations have spent tons of money, accumulated a bevvy of data points, and still can’t see a correlation to customer spending habits. Basically, a ‘Like’ isn’t guaranteeing a sale, but that doesn’t mean the system is broken.

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