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What’s Link Building Got to Do With Your Social Strategy?

By Amanda DiSilvestro When we look back at the changes Google made in 2013, as well as the start of 2014, we find that many of them come back to link building. We saw a lot of efforts by Google to get link building to be less on the minds of marketers (at least link building for SEO purposes). While some [...]

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4 Ways to Reengage Your Bored Facebook Following

By John Bonini The savviest of Facebook marketers all have one very important thing in common. It’s not strategic. It’s certainly not tactical. Most of all, it’s not serendipitous. The best Facebook marketers all do one thing remarkably well; they act like humans. They understand why people are using the platform, and more importantly, they [...]

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5 Things to Learn From Other Social Media Professionals

By Bonnie Cruice I’ve been in the social media biz for about 5 years, and I love every minute of it. Social media marketing runs in my veins. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it’s true. What I do every day on social media makes a difference for people. It’s great to have a [...]

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7 Reasons Why Social Media is an Absolute Must for Business Branding

By Velly Angelova Although a relatively new phenomenon, social media is rapidly turning into a vital part of the modern marketing mix. Speaking of the so called social media revolution, nowadays managing a flexible presence on each of the “BIG THREE” (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), has become a MUST for any marketer striving to bring his or [...]

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The Newspaper is Dead – Long Live the Newspaper

By Ben Lieblich If anybody needed a reminder that old media channels are giving way to new ones, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos provided it recently when he purchased the Washington Post for a mere $250 million – about 1% of his net worth, and less than 0.2% of Amazon’s stock value. Bezos has announced that [...]

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4 Ways Brands Can Innovate with Music App Songza

By Brian Honigman Songza is a free streaming music service that helps listeners find playlists that match their mood, situation, or current environment–working out, commuting, or eating dinner. The app has picked up 4.8 million monthly active users and is continuing to grow. Brands have the opportunity to utilize Songza as another means of connecting with [...]

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Acquiring Social Media Followers with SMS

By Jessica Gaynor One of the best ways to achieve social media marketing goals is by integrating digital channels as part of a cross-channel promotional strategy. Though Passbook, mobile web, push, and voice all present viable options, one channel that performs exceptionally well while driving social media traffic is SMS.

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Top 5 Tools to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

By Jessica Davis Managing your social media presence and your various campaigns can be a cumbersome task. It sucks up time and energy, especially if your company lacks the resources to hire more manpower to handle social media marketing responsibilities. To help streamline your campaigns and make your efforts far more effective, consider the use of online management [...]

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How To Use Webinars As A Marketing Tool

By Rita Auta Business owners are really starting to see the benefits of webinars to reach and engage with people all over the world. But they offer so much more than just a way to connect with people remotely. If used properly, they can become a very valuable marketing tool in their own right. Making location not [...]

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5 Ways to Enhance Customer Service Through Social Media

By David Bakke Considering the fragile state of the American economy, many consumers have cut back on personal spending. What this means for you as a business owner is that there is a smaller pool of available dollars. Therefore, with competition sure to increase among similar businesses, it is more important than ever to improve customer service at your [...]

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