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Are Big Companies Engaging On Social Media The Way They Should Be?

By Nicole Finkbeiner

After reading about the effectiveness of timely and personal responses to social media interactions from thought leaders such as Likeable Media, I assumed that all of the large U.S. based companies, being some of the best marketers in the world, were following similar social media practices. But after several interactions with major companies that either went wrong or were ignored, I started to wonder: Are these “guidelines” of social media really being followed? Continue reading

3 Ways Regulated Industries Can Use Social Media [VIDEO]

For those who work in regulated industries like financial, legal, insurance, or health, it can feel like an impossible task to craft a plan to use social media. After all, these industries have heavy rules and requirements and it can feel like more trouble than it’s worth.

However, the opportunities for companies in these sectors to use social media marketing are vast. It’s just knowing how to proceed that makes all of the difference.

In today’s episode of Carrie’s Corner, Carrie Kerpen discusses three social media tips for businesses that are heavily regulated.

For additional social media tips for regulated industries, read Carrie’s latest article in Inc. here.

How to Create Content That Makes You (and Your Followers) Look Good

By John Critelli

Ever wonder why your audience uses social media?

It’s usually the same reason your company does—marketing. The only difference is that your audience members are marketing themselves.

They see themselves as the product, and their followers as the consumers.

That means your audience wants to show their value, just like marketers want to show their product’s value. So how can you help your audience show their value? Continue reading

5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content More Likeable

By Kelvin Stiles “Content is king!” I bet every marketer has heard of this jingle almost a zillion times. But what it really entails is still a mystery for most. Understanding the science of content marketing and the essence behind this popular jargon calls for a lot of experimentation. Knowing how your target audience interprets your marketing message is the key to successful marketing campaign. However, it is easier said than done. The million dollar question is, how to write the right content to convey the message you want? Continue reading

What’s Link Building Got to Do With Your Social Strategy?

By Amanda DiSilvestro

When we look back at the changes Google made in 2013, as well as the start of 2014, we find that many of them come back to link building. We saw a lot of efforts by Google to get link building to be less on the minds of marketers (at least link building for SEO purposes). While some may argue link building is a complete waste of time and others refuse to let this comfortable approach go, the majority of us find ourselves somewhere in between when it comes to how the changes affect SEO. After all, SEO is more than just link building, right?

Consider a few of the new updates we saw that came from Google last year that can lead us to believe that link building for SEO purposes needs to actually be over this time.

Continue reading

4 Ways to Reengage Your Bored Facebook Following

By John Bonini

The savviest of Facebook marketers all have one very important thing in common.

It’s not strategic. It’s certainly not tactical. Most of all, it’s not serendipitous.

The best Facebook marketers all do one thing remarkably well; they act like humans. They understand why people are using the platform, and more importantly, they create native content aligned with those motives to drive engagement. Continue reading

5 Things to Learn From Other Social Media Professionals

By Bonnie Cruice

I’ve been in the social media biz for about 5 years, and I love every minute of it. Social media marketing runs in my veins. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it’s true. What I do every day on social media makes a difference for people. It’s great to have a job that I enjoy that also matters to those with which I connect.

Working in social media over the years, I’ve been to many social media conferences, made amazing connections with other social media professionals, and learned a lot from them.

Here are 5 things I love learning from other social media professionals that make me a better community manager: Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Social Media is an Absolute Must for Business Branding

By Velly Angelova

Although a relatively new phenomenon, social media is rapidly turning into a vital part of the modern marketing mix. Speaking of the so called social media revolution, nowadays managing a flexible presence on each of the “BIG THREE” (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), has become a MUST for any marketer striving to bring his or her business up to speed. What better proof than 665 million of daily active users on Facebook and over 500 million registered accounts on Twitter?  Lacking social profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, and Reddit would be a strategic miss for those companies looking to reach greater exposure in the digital market. Continue reading

The Newspaper is Dead – Long Live the Newspaper

By Ben Lieblich

If anybody needed a reminder that old media channels are giving way to new ones, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos provided it recently when he purchased the Washington Post for a mere $250 million – about 1% of his net worth, and less than 0.2% of Amazon’s stock value.

Bezos has announced that he doesn’t yet know what he will do with the paper.  But there are four things we do know: Continue reading

4 Ways Brands Can Innovate with Music App Songza

By Brian Honigman

Songza is a free streaming music service that helps listeners find playlists that match their mood, situation, or current environment–working out, commuting, or eating dinner. The app has picked up 4.8 million monthly active users and is continuing to grow. Brands have the opportunity to utilize Songza as another means of connecting with their audience by curating and creating playlists that articulate their unique perspective. The music service has already partnered with many companies, including DVF, Ecko Unltd, Paper Magazine, the Weather Channel, RadioShack, and StumbleUpon. Each company has created playlists on the service to provide their audiences with valuable content fit for the social web.

Here are four ways brands can innovate by tapping into the power of Songza in a meaningful way. Continue reading