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If You’re Not Excelling at Social Media, You’re Failing

By Barry Hott There are few industries that experience change as frequently and significantly as social media. In the social media world, hardly a week goes by without an upgrade to one or more networks–these aren’t small modifications to niche networks; they’re major features on the biggest sites. While a lack of stability would be daunting or risky [...]

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The One Thing That Drives Facebook Engagement

By Barry Hott When writing content for a Facebook page, it’s hard to remember that users aren’t on Facebook to read your Facebook posts. They’re there to see their friends’ photos and activities and, if you’re lucky, they won’t be frustrated when they see your page’s content. So how do you get users to engage with [...]

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How To: Plan Your Content Calendar Like a Pro [with Free Template]

By Barry Hott How far in advance do you write your social media content? A few seconds? An hour? A day? A week? A month? While it’s great to be responsive and write relevant content, much of that can be planned in advance. The best holiday posts aren’t thought up on the spot, they are planned [...]

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The Most Underrated Feature of Facebook

By Barry Hott This month marked the one year anniversary of one of the most powerful marketing tools Facebook has ever offered, but you probably don’t even use. No, not Insights. Not Sponsored Stories. Not Open Graph or Graph Search. Interest Lists. Interest Lists were heralded as a new tool that would allow you to organize [...]

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How I Got @JCrew to Start Tweeting Again

By Barry Hott It’s extremely rare to catch me not wearing something from J. Crew. Pants. Socks. Shirt. Underwear. Hat. Man-bag. Jacket. Tie. Shoes. J. Crew everything. Anytime. Anywhere. I love it. In fact, my obsession with J. Crew might even surpass my unreasonable addiction to Instagram. As a big fan and huge proponent of social media, I [...]

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The Key to Success on Facebook in 2013: Engagement

By Barry Hott Nobody wants to read all of your Facebook updates. Facebook knows that all of your posts aren’t gold, so when you post on your Facebook page, you reach between 1% and 20% of your fans organically. As users continue to like more pages, they cause the pages to compete more in Facebook’s [...]

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BREAKING: This Might Be False

By Barry Hott “BREAKING: Confirmed flooding on NYSE. The trading floor is flooded under more than 3 feet of water” is the tweet that fooled many, including The Weather Channel and CNN into thinking the stock market floor was flooded. It was not. There are plenty of articles about how someone caused panic by posting fake [...]

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Four The Win: Your Brand On Foursquare

By Barry Hott “Why would I create a Foursquare page for my brand when we don’t even have any retail locations?” is a common opinion when a brand is considering which social media channels to focus on. It’s true: if you don’t have a retail location, you don’t need to manage venue information, promotions, or [...]

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Why The #### Isn’t Your Brand On Instagram?

Why The #### Isn’t Your Brand On Instagram?

By Barry Hott You’re comfortable snapping, filtering, and sharing pictures of food, sunsets, and, well, more food. You follow a few friends and occasionally get a handful of likes on your photos (and maybe a “yum” comment). You occasionally stray into the (recently renamed) ‘Explore’ tab, but you’re not looking for pictures of teen heartthrobs or fingernail art , [...]

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