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3 Ways To Make LinkedIn Work For You

By Brian Murray Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that LinkedIn is making major changes. Recently LinkedIn has opened up publishing to the world after the success of its LinkedIn Influencers program (if you don’t have it yet, you will shortly), improved the data and analytics of who has viewed your profile, and [...]

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8 Things We’ve Learned About Jelly

By Brian Murray Jelly is the latest start-up from the founders of Twitter, following Square and Medium. Approximately two weeks ago, it launched as a mobile question-and-answer platform on both iPhone and Google Play. With the app, users ask questions with a picture and then receive answers from connections. Jelly hasn’t spoken publicly about numbers, but the mission has been [...]

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11 Most Likeable Blog Posts Of 2013

 By Brian Murray Likeable Media posts a new blog every week day by different team members to help our audience utilize best practices and understand how social media is changing. Over the course of 2013, we’ve blogged over 200 times. Success in a blog can be measured in many different ways. We define success as [...]

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What Does Your Social Brand Say To Prospective Employees?

By Brian Murray Information is abound and people are talking. Companies are not able to control what is said about them on the internet. Companies are only able to truly control what official properties say about them, but people can now dive in deeper–nobody is fooled by the jargon of corporate speak. Marketers certainly care about [...]

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10 Tips For Impressing Employers On Social Media

By Brian Murray Here is a wonderful statistic via Jobvite that will only continue to go up: 73% of companies have successfully hired a candidate from social media. You are the sum of what you can do and who you know. When employers are hiring they are looking for someone who can do great work and communicate [...]

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3 Creative Ways To Re-Purpose Blog Content

By Brian Murray There are plenty of amazing companies and personal brands out there. But even the best blog post has a shelf-life in terms of promotion–realistically, how many times can you tweet the same article? Part of a successful social media strategy is determining how much content you should create versus how much should [...]

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Do These 5 Things To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible

By Brian Murray LinkedIn is the most valuable network for the professional. Many people only consider LinkedIn when they are involved in a job search, but the value extends far beyond that. It can be used to find decision makers or network to find a new opportunity. However, like most things, the time to start using it [...]

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Vine: 3 Ways Brands Are Getting It Right

By Brian Murray Vine has been around since the beginning of the year. While I was cynical of the six second video platform at first, the constraints and focus have led to some pretty amazing results. Almost six months in, many brands have embraced the ability to share and syndicate across networks and reach existing audiences. [...]

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3 Ways To Measure ROI For Social Customer Service

By Brian Murray The rise of social media has caused a shift in the dynamic between organizations and individuals to one where the power is in the hands of the consumer, but it has also enabled brands to use social as a tool to work with their customers at scale. There are many examples of companies [...]

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Stop Making This Mistake On LinkedIn (and Other Networks)

By Brian Murray I’ve said many times that my favorite social network is Twitter. Last year I wrote an article about one mistake on Twitter that was causing people to miss out on reaching their audience. With the past year’s changes on LinkedIn, I think the network is quickly catching Twitter, especially for the professional. And–just [...]

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