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2013 Social Media Wish List

Dear Santa,

Another year, another wish list. Not all, but many of my wishes have come true over the years! We’ve seen conversation on Twitter, we’ve seen document uploads on Facebook, and we’ve even seen analytics on Pinterest. This year I have a new list of wants and needs for social media in 2014. Santa, please deliver! Continue reading

Indexing Likeability Part 3 of 3: How Do I Measure Being Likeable?

By Cara Friedman

One of the biggest problem marketers are currently facing with social media measurement  is that they are looking at metrics in silos. To be truly likeable, you need to see the full picture. To view success accurately, you not only need to be measuring your activities on social media, but you need to make sure you’re measuring the right numbers. Sentiment, community actions, and brand responsiveness are three important metrics for your brand to look at when measuring success in social media, but they must be viewed together. When you view metrics out of context, you end up seeing an inaccurate story. Continue reading

Indexing Likeability Part 2 of 3: Why Do I Want To Be Likeable?

By Cara Friedman

Here at Likeable Media, we have always valued being a likeable business above all else. But why? Facts are, as much as consumers would like to think that they make purchase decisions solely based on hard facts, the truth remains that we live in a world of emotional decision makers. Consumers base purchasing decisions on their personal feelings toward a brand, connections they may have with that brand, and ultimately how likeable they find a brand. Here are some surprising stats that will make you want to be more likeable: Continue reading

Indexing Likeability Part 1 of 3: What Makes A Brand Likeable?

By Cara Friedman

If I were to ask you, “is your brand likeable?” would you know the answer? Sure, you may have a general idea about how your customers feel about you but what about beyond that? Do you really have a pulse on how people fee l about your brand? Probably not. One of the problems with figuring out whether you are likeable or not comes from not really understanding what being a likeable brand means. Continue reading

7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do On Facebook

By Cara Friedman

By now, brands have been using Facebook in their social media marketing strategy for years. While the network seems like old hat, it is also filled with untapped potential. Think you know everything there is to know about leveraging Facebook? Here are a few things you might not have known you could do: Continue reading

Why Your Brand Isn’t Ready For A YouTube Channel

By Cara Friedman

With 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, YouTube remains a powerhouse when it comes to social media videos. Although video is now a feature on other social sites and apps (i.e. Vine, Instagram, etc.), YouTube is still the most trafficked video-based social network, with more than a billion monthly unique visitors. In July, Social Times published an article pointing out common mistakes individuals make on YouTube. While there are tons of users on YouTube that are simply not ready to be there, the same can be said for brands. Continue reading

5 Reliable Places To Get Social Media News

By Cara Friedman

Social media marketing is a booming industry. Back when it was a new concept to businesses and marketers, Mashable was the must-read blog for all your social media news. Now that it has grown to the size it is today, marketers need more focused content to satisfy their needs. In fact, 23% of marketers are investing in blogging and social media this year, a 9% increase from 2012. Continue reading

How To Write A Social Media Policy

By Cara Friedman

Congratulations! You’ve decided you need to create a social media policy. Whether to protect your trade secrets, cover yourself legally, monitor your company reputation, or avoid a social media crisis , you have chosen to be responsible and proactively put a policy in place for your employees. Now, where do you begin?

The following are some basic principles that will help you write your social media policy: Continue reading

5 Things You Need To Know Before Creating Your Social Media Strategy

By Cara Friedman

When working in an industry like social media you can’t create strategies for the present. By the time you complete your marketing strategy, all the tools and networks you rely on will have changed. In order to be strategic and be ahead of your competitors, you have to look into the future. What trends are on the horizon for social media? What’s coming next that we need to prepare for? Here’s what we think:  Continue reading

The One Lie Social Media Marketers Need To Stop Telling

By Cara Friedman

Nobody will ever deny that social media as an industry that has come a long way. Even since the beginning of Likeable Media, there have been astronomical strides in social capabilities and the ways that brands can leverage social media to grow their business. At the beginning of the social media phenomenon there were a lot of unanswered questions. How will this help my business? How can you prove sales through social media? Is my investment in social media really worth it? The list goes on and on… Continue reading