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Could This Be the Beginning of the End for Facebook?

By Carrie Kerpen Okay, it’s likely not the beginning of the end. But it DID cause me to stop and think… There I was, scrolling through my Facebook feed when suddenly, a post appeared. The post was from the page “Rachel Ray drops 37 pounds.”  It caught my eye for a few reasons: 1. I [...]

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5 Questions To Ask In Your Social RFP

By Carrie Kerpen If you’ve ever written a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an agency, you know that the process can be painful. First, you need to find the agencies worthy of your RFP. Then you have to sift through tons of information, proposals, meetings, and paperwork. And sometimes, even when you think you’ve found [...]

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5 Brilliant Ways to Staff for Community Management

By Carrie Kerpen We hear it all the time– brands need to respond. According to a recent Socialbakers study, companies currently respond to 50% of questions asked across social media, with 75% of questions anticipated to be answered in 2013. But how can brands’ staff appropriately be able to manage the increasing level of conversation across the [...]

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5 Lessons My 97 Year Old Bubbe Taught Me About Social Media

By Carrie Kerpen My 97 year old Bubbe passed away at the beginning of this year. She never REALLY understood what I did for a living, and asked me repeatedly about it. As I was preparing the eulogy for her funeral and thinking about all the lessons she taught me, I realized that although she had no [...]

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Want More Sales? Invest In Customer Service.

By Carrie Kerpen I’ve attended countless sales seminars. I’ve learned about turning cold calls into warm calls. I’ve learned about inbound marketing. I’ve learned about conducting a proper needs analysis, and I’ve learned about CRM systems that allow me to better manage my funnel of leads. But there’s one thing I’ve learned outside of the [...]

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What Matters To Me: Creating a More Likeable World

What Matters To Me: Creating a More Likeable World

By Carrie Kerpen As many of you have already seen in the press, our fearless leader Dave has shifted from the CEO role at Likeable Media to lead the team at Likeable Local, our technology platform for small businesses. As of January 1st, I was appointed as of CEO of Likeable Media. For those of you who know both [...]

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Feeding the Content Machine: 3 Ways To Generate Original and Interesting Content

By Carrie Kerpen Whenever I talk to a new client, their biggest fear is finding someone in their organization (or ours!) to “sit on social media all day and talk to people.” I usually tell them that this is by far the EASIEST part of social media. It’s literally like putting someone in the center [...]

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Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media in the Healthcare Industry

By Carrie Kerpen Navigating the waters for social media in the healthcare industry is challenging at best, and impossible at worst. To do it well, you need patience (to work through regulatory), determination (to convince skeptics within your organization), and vision (to see the bigger picture of your organizations success in social). Despite the challenges, businesses in [...]

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Three Ways To Figure Out If You’re Unlikeable At Work

By Carrie Kerpen Companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for social media analytics to determine the “sentiment” surrounding their brand. Do people LOVE their brand? HATE their brand? Or are they generally neutral? Competitive sentiment analysis is also quite popular– Brand Managers want to know how consumers feel about their own brand, and the [...]

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