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How To: Network When You’re Bad At Networking

By Carrie Tylawsky

One of the best possible ways to grow in your career is through networking. People make things happen; if I like you, I’ll want to make something good happen for you. It sounds like a win-win situation. However, for some people (like myself), the thought of networking makes them groan internally while reverting painfully back to the middle school levels of insecurity and self-consciousness. So what’s the best way to overcome this surge of terror whenever you’re heading to a cocktail party? You already know the typical tricks (memorize a list of questions, minimize the overwhelming factor by focusing on one part of the room). But I have a few tricks to add to that list that I’ve found reduce a lot of the anxiety and allow me to just enjoy the chance to get to know new people.

Here are a few tips for how to network — when you’re bad at networking. Continue reading

Life-Hack: How To Stay Safe on Social

By Carrie Tylawsky

Over the past several months, there have been numerous warnings about hackers across all kinds of website. This morning, eBay customers were encouraged to change their passwords after a huge hack was made public –one that took place two months ago and now has provided hackers with the personal information of eBay customers. This is not the first time that something of this magnitude has occurred, and it certainly won’t be the last. Social media sites often get even more attention when it comes to the privacy of personal information — social tends to be more than an address and a date of birth, but truly a snapshot into a person’s entire life. So, what steps can you take to reduce the chances of your personal information being violated? Continue reading

How To: Get Your Crazy Marketing Ideas Into The Budget

By Carrie Tylawsky

There are a few things that tend to inhibit brands when they’re looking to launch a new marketing effort. Sometimes it’s scale – you want to do this, but you already have ten million things on your plate. Sometimes it’s restrictions, like it goes outside the legal boundaries of what you can do for your brand or for the marketing channel. Yet often, it’s getting your concept as a line item in the budget and keeping it there after all the reviews (and re-reviews). So how do you do this?

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How Social Media Has Changed Consumer Expectations

By Carrie Tylawsky

Social media has paved a road not previously taken: it allows brands to engage directly with consumers, thereby creating extended relationships. As social shifts to become more personal, efficient, and easily accessible, the conversation expands beyond brand-to-consumer and opens a dialogue between multiple players. In response to this changing landscape, consumer expectations grow–and brands must rise to meet the challenge.  Continue reading

Avoiding The Element of SURPRISE! Three Key Contractual Points To Consider

By Carrie Tylawsky 

We’re getting into one of the busiest times of year – not just for your family during the holidays, but also for your company! As 2013 wraps up, many brands are looking at how they expand their offerings and bring new players to the board, whether that’s through freelance, agencies, or additional internal team members. Before signing any contract, however, you should make sure your team is aligned on the following points: Continue reading

3 Reasons To Get Your Brand On Tinder Immediately

By Carrie Tylawsky

If you stay up to date on social happenings, chances are you’ve heard about the new dating app that has taken the world by storm – Tinder. Originally scoffed at for being a new version of “hot or not”, Tinder is getting the manpower behind it that is making it a serious contender in the marketplace. So why should you consider doing something on Tinder?  Continue reading

Twitter Advertising Changes & What They Mean

By Carrie Tylawsky

As Twitter evolves into a more advertising-friendly platform, there will be many changes in the upcoming months. Here are the takeaways from its most recent announcement that you need to know: Continue reading

5 Must-Haves For Your Brand’s Social Media Policy

By Carrie Tylawsky

Chances are, your company has a social media policy. Whether it’s buried in the back of an HR handbook or requires a full day of rigorous training to understand all the rules, almost everyone has some form of dos and don’ts when it comes to the social space. However, as social media evolves at a lightning speed, it becomes increasingly pertinent to address issues that might not have come up in the past. To get you started on the policy refresh, here are some questions/scenarios that you should prepare BEFORE it falls upon your social marketing team. Continue reading

Why No One’s Entering Your Facebook Contest

By Carrie Tylawsky 

This is a tough blog for me to write since I’m actually a big proponent of contests, sweepstakes, and anything that adds fun value to your community online. However, sometimes I see these contests and programs that are just so off-brand that I want to call up their social strategy team that very second. You might think you have a killer contest idea with an amazing prize, but then you don’t see the traction you expected and wonder: but why? It’s because your contest probably falls into one of these three mortal sins committed by brands when running big Facebook promotions: Continue reading

Why It’s Ok For Brands To Sometimes Just Say NO

By Carrie Tylawsky 

As a member of Likeable’s new business department,  I speak to brands all day long about their social media strategy. Everytime I get on the phone it’s to discuss challenges, opportunities, goals, and what we will actually do in social media to impact business’ bottom line. One thing I get all the time is, “What networks should my brand be on? Shouldn’t I be on all of them at least a little bit?”.  Continue reading