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How To: Encourage Your Customers to Share MORE This Holiday Season

By Gaby Piazza

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping – and, of course, for holiday marketing!  The growth for sales driven by social media is increasing at a RAPID pace, and you need to make sure you’re your company has a piece of that pie.  In the next few weeks, packages are coming and going, online orders are being added to shopping carts faster than the blink of an eye, and customers are a completely captive audience, with your product in their hand. For most companies the ultimate goal is to acquire new customers – this will obviously increase the consumer base, drive awareness, and of course amplify sales. However, one thing to keep in mind is that retention is JUST as important as acquisition – the ability to turn one-time customers into lifelong purchasers is where social media marketing can show the most success. How do I know this? Continue reading

Connecting Professionally Through Social Media


In today’s world the use of business cards, conference calls, in-person meetings, and presentation hand-outs are dying down.  As the increased use of social media increases, the old school professional business meeting ways decrease.  As professionals, we have to take into account the new ways there are to connect, present, and share with each other professionally.  Continue reading

How To Connect With Your Customers Online, Offline

By: Gabriella Piazza

Many brands struggle with offline social media marketing.  Marketers are constantly looking for ways to drive in-store customers to their social networks.  Have you been asking yourself how to drive your “in-line” audience “online?”

Here are a few quick marketing tools and tricks to get some real-time social exposure from your in-store customers. Continue reading

Attention #FashionBrands – The Newest Fashion Social Sites Are Here!

By Gabriella Piazza

If you’re a fashion brand and you’re not utilizing social media, you need to take a look at yourself in the mirror and ask, “What is wrong with this picture?” As a 22 year old, working professional in New York City, I turn to social media to stay ahead of the trend. These social sites and apps allow me to create a personal fashion show every morning with friends and followers as my audience.  Social start-ups are being developed with the attempt to capture the attention of the self-proclaimed “Fashionista.” Here are some of the newest social sites Fashion brands should consider. Continue reading

Stonyfield Farm: Sending you on a Social Scavenger Hunt!

By: Gabriella Piazza

We all like to think we know exactly what we’re eating.  The truth is, we have no idea.  (Chickens do NOT have nuggets people!)  Stonyfield Farm would like to change that.

Continue reading