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5 Tips For Cutting Through The Content Clutter

By Ike Brooker Content marketing has taken off, rising to $43.9 billion from the $40.2 billion spent last year.* Of course, with an increase in brand budgets comes a related increase in clutter. This is of special concern to brands trying to get their message out. In such a saturated landscape, how does a brand break [...]

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New Feed, New Images on Facebook

By Ike Brooker The one constant with Facebook is change. In its latest update, Facebook fixed some UI disconnect with the Timeline and brought it in line with the mobile app. This unifies the look and feel, and creates a more branded experience.

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Facebook Gifts: Cool or Creepy?

By Ike Brooker After its IPO, Facebook has been faced with the daunting task of establishing additional revenue streams. Some have been interesting and innovative while some, like Facebook Gifts, have failed to gain traction. To determine why Facebook Gifts is stumbling,  let’s take a look at whether or not it’s a natural fit with [...]

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Stop Complaining About the 20% Rule

By Ike Brooker Facebook has been refining its brand advertising regulations as of late. This has naturally created some uproar. I mean, this is the internet; if there’s a comment to be made, it will be made. First let’s do the requisite visual link to Shortstack’s 20% guidelines. That is basically what you are working [...]

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3 Ways To Add Short Form Video In Your Content Mix

By Ike Brooker Vine. Vine. Vine. No, Vine isn’t the reason why you need short form video content in your strategy, but it does prove that the time has come for video to begin taking its place at the front of a content strategy. Sure, it’s limited, but limits can foster creativity, limits and legos. [...]

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How To: Instagram Your Brand’s Story

By  Ike Brooker Instagram has gone from being a question mark for brand content into being a great channel. It allows people to share their intimate moments with the world. Oh, and food. Lots. Of. Food. How does this work for a brand? Instagram seems to work best when it shows quick moments, behind-the-scenes, or [...]

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6 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2013

By Ike Brooker 2012 has been a big year for social media but there is still more to come. As the year comes to end, we begin to think about what the future holds for our industry. Luckily marketers aren’t kept too much in the dark and we can deduce what trends will likely grow [...]

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Skills, Expertise, and Endorsements Now From LinkedIn

By Ike Brooker An enjoyable Internet sport is running through your Klout Influencers and giving a +K to your friends and other influencers. What if this sport could potentially land you a dream job, or just any job? Recently LinkedIn introduced Endorsements. It allows LinkedIn users to endorse their connections with 1 click.  Just click [...]

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An Olympic Snapshot

By Ike Brooker How much more of an impact will social have at the Rio Games?

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Spicing up your Social Content

By Ike Brooker You have a twitter handle, a Facbeook page, 5 Pinterest boards, and tips on Foursquare. Now what do you do with them? You need some thing to put up there, something to say, some kind of content. Everyone has a warehouse of fun cat pictures, ironic gifs animations, and vacation pictures on [...]

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