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5 Business Lessons From Yahoo!

By Jenna Lebel Yahoo! unveiled a fresh, new look for its home page and mobile sites earlier this week. The overdue facelift marks the biggest product revamp since CEO Marissa Mayer took the reins in July 2012. Yahoo! has historically been criticized for being traditional and complacent, but the fact remains that the site generates [...]

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Why Marketers Should Care About Causes: A Case for Cause Marketing

By Jenna Lebel From Tide’s Loads of Hope program to Sonic’s Limeades for Learning, we’ve seen a lot of incredible brands give back in 2012. The concept of cause marketing is not new, but it has changed drastically over time. Cause marketing is no longer just about making a large donation to a charity around [...]

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3 Tips To Improve Your Content This Holiday Season

By Jenna Lebel Content is a powerful tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Creating compelling, meaningful content for your brand should be a priority year-round. But at the holidays, when consumers are spending lots of time and money online, content should be an even larger focus.  An effective content marketing strategy can help generate new customers [...]

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4 Truths About Social Loyalty

By Jenna Lebel The principles of customer loyalty have not changed in the past 30 years– incentivize your best customers and they will not only remain patrons, but they will also tell their friends about their experiences with your brand. We’ve all heard the age old saying that it costs more to acquire a customer than [...]

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Are You Making These 5 Marketing Mistakes?

By Jenna Lebel By now you’ve probably started carving out your 2013 marketing budget and developing your plans for the year. As marketers, we have a lot of things to consider when planning our efforts for the year. As you put the finishing touches on your 2013 plans let’s review 5 common marketing mistakes for [...]

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5 Tips for Creating Your Next Global Marketing Campaign

By Jenna Lebel We just wrapped up one of the biggest global events in history. And I just returned home from watching it firsthand. I had a lot of amazing experiences during my time in London, but as a marketer, seeing all of these big brands—sponsors and non-sponsors alike—compete to grab the attention of the [...]

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4 Ways Brands Can Break News Better Than the Today Show

By Jenna Lebel By now you’ve probably heard the news of Ann Curry’s departure from The Today Show. To recap, ratings of the Today Show were down so NBC decided to relieve Curry of her co-hosting responsibilities. After her short one year tenure greeting America every morning alongside Matt Lauer NBC is transitioning her into [...]

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4 Truths About Customer Advocacy

By Jenna Lebel  I just got back from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s annual Womm-U conference. The 3-day event featured prominent figures in the digital and word of mouth space as well as a breadth of topics ranging from content strategies to offline programs and measurement. A major theme throughout the conference was advocacy. [...]

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6 Reasons Why Your Measurement Sucks

By Jenna Lebel “We’re not seeing strong results.” I cringe every time I hear a phrase uttered along those lines. Not because I’m concerned about lack of innovation or sound strategy, but because it usually means a lack of proper measurement and showcasing of results. Let’s face it; effective social media measurement is not always [...]

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Marketing Lessons From The Year’s Top Films

By Jenna Lebel And the Oscar goes to… I can’t even put in to words how excited I am for this weekend’s 84th Annual Academy Awards. A self-proclaimed Oscar buff, I make it a point to watch every film nominated in the major categories. This year’s top films, though admittedly not the best batch in [...]

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