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Help! My Brand Isn’t Cool Enough For Social Media!

By Kate van Geldern Certain brands are made for social media, just think of how many times you’ve shared a silly photo from Oreo on Facebook, or watched a video posted by Red Bull. They have the ‘cool’ factor that enables them to post engaging content relevant to a large consumer audience. But what about [...]

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Will Facebook ‘Collections’ Be A Game Changer For Retailers?

By Kate van Geldern Just in time for the holiday season retail rush Facebook announced that they have begun testing a new feature called “Collections,” which enable users to act on new actions like collect, want, or even buy  products that brands share with their fans. Mashable reported that Facebook is testing the new feature [...]

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Integrating Brand Characters Into Your Twitter Strategy

By Kate van Geldern Translating strong brand personas in social media can be a challenge. However, many brands have an image that’s rooted in the recognition of cartoons and characters. Ignoring these personas in social channels would be a major departure from the brand’s offline communication. Let’s examine four iconic brands that have implemented successful [...]

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5 Quick Tips for Re-Pinning Success

By Kate van Geldern For the past few years, marketers have heard people ask them again and again ‘How do I make this go viral?’ and lately that conversation has shifted from people talking about videos on YouTube, to talking about content on Pinterest. Brands are vying to increase followers and drive traffic to their [...]

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Use Email Marketing To Boost Your Facebook Fan Base

By Kate van Geldern Too often we operate in the social media silo and forget to integrate with other marketing channels. Your email lists are full of rich customer data, and offer an opportunity to activate some of your biggest brand loyalists that aren’t yet engaged Facebook fans. Here are three ways you can use [...]

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4 Steps To Crafting A Better Blogger Pitch

By Kate van Geldern Bloggers are the influencers of the web and great resources for brands that want to get their message out in creative ways. Outside of my job here at Likeable, I write a personal blog and receive pitches every week from brands and their agencies asking me to write about their products [...]

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The Perks of Social Influence

By Kate van Geldern Last week, Gilt Groupe (the luxury flash-sales website) partnered with Klout on a campaign that rewards users with discounts, based on their level of influence. The Klout Perk gives users a percentage off of a purchase equal to each user’s corresponding Klout Score. So, if your Klout score is between [...]

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2 Lessons For Marketers From Warby Parker’s Annual Report

By Kate van Geldern Last week, Warby Parker — a start-up eyewear company that offers inexpensive prescription lenses through its ecommerce site – published its annual report. The report is composed of six frames of rich, interactive infographics that provide information about the growth of their business, the efficiency of their operations, and the philanthropic [...]

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