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Slow and Steady Wins the Social Race

By Kelsey Ohman

Last week, Dave Kerpen suggested that this may be Google’s year to “excel at social media” in his 3 Surprising Social Media 2013 Predictions.  He explained that Google needs to see success with Google Plus or by acquisition of another big player (Pinterest, Twitter) in order to remain relevant in the social sphere.  However, I don’t think the conversation stops there, as there are additional factors to consider that make his points more compelling.

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So You Want To Boost Your Twitter Community?

By Kelsey Ohman
Are you sick of hearing about influencers on Twitter?  I sure am.  Nearly every article and third-party tool suggests influencers – those with a large following and ‘expertise’ in a certain field – can help to give your brand’s Twitter handle exposure.  While this isn’t wrong, it’s not as simple as 1,2,3.  Sure, you can follow an influencer.  You can follow a thousand influencers.  But what are the chances that they’ll even notice you’ve followed, retweeted, or interacted with them?  Assuming that their Twitter streams are highly active, chances seem pretty slim that you’ll catch their attention. Continue reading

Brands Who Play Together…Engage Together?

By Kelsey Ohman

We’ve all secretly stashed snacks in our pockets before we head to the movie theater, but don’t tell AMC Theatres!  On Tuesday, four tweets between Oreo and AMC Theatres brought in a whopping 1,985 RTs and 1,918 new followers. The clever exchange delighted fans and gained national media attention. Continue reading

Facebook Groups: The Brilliant Way You’re NOT Using Them

By Kelsey Ohman

We’ve all been added to Groups on Facebook at one point or another; they’ve become the go-to solution for small or private communication online. Whether a group is for personal or brand use, it’s great for sharing documents, photos, and streamlining relevant conversation topics with select individuals.  Continue reading