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You Need More Than Just Social Media to Have Great Customer Service

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

Around here, we typically complain about brands that aren’t living up to their social media potential, and praise those that do an amazing job in the space. Sometimes brands let us down in social media, but if we love their product or service, we let it slip (and plot ways to get their attention so we can offer up some guidance). But what about when social media outperforms the product or service you experience as a customer? Does a great social media presence make up for a lousy in-store or human experience? Can you forgive your favorite or most-used brands for not solving your problem (or really doing anything to fix a situation) if the community manager who works on the brand does an outstanding job engaging with you? Does saying “I’m sorry” on social media count if the brand doesn’t ever put its money where its mouth is? I say no. And I’ve compiled several examples from Likeable employees of times when their favorite brands haven’t come through after being super responsive and engaging on social media.  Continue reading

3 Key Takeaways from the #LikeableSummit

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

Last week, Likeable Media hosted its second annual client summit. In the past, Likeable organized large-scale social media conferences. Then, last year, my team decided to have a more intimate invite-only event exclusively for Likeable clients. The theme of the day was The Reign of Content in a Digital World. We were graced with a keynote from Likeable’s CEO Carrie Kerpen as well as amazing presentations from Branderati, BTC Revolutions, Buzzfeed, Curalate,  eMarketer, LinkedIn, Offerpop, Sysomos and Tumblr. The speakers educated and inspired the group – and brought a few laughs. (You don’t always expect bacon man to make it into a presentation!) They shared many valuable insights, so we decided to recap some of the highlights and takeaways from the day for our blog community.  Continue reading

Facebook Content: What’s the Point Anymore?

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

Have you heard? Facebook significantly changed its algorithm several times in the last few months. Beginning last August, brands across the platform saw reach suffer tremendously. (In case you need a refresher, think about reach the way traditional media measures impressions; it’s just Facebook’s way of counting how many eyeballs are seeing your content.) Essentially, brands began experiencing a huge drop in the number of people who actually saw their postings. The content strategy didn’t change and they weren’t doing anything different. In fact, we did a test on one Likeable client where we took a post that had performed well in the past and re-posted it to the community. We changed nothing and the difference in reach was astounding.

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How Brands Can Combat the Facebook Exodus

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

We’ve all seen the reports and articles: Facebook is passe, people are fatigued and fleeing and there’s no way any high school student would be caught dead posting photos at a place where (gasp!) their parents are present. This spells major trouble for brands who have spent the last several years exerting tons of effort – and dollars – growing an audience and making the network an integral part of their marketing strategy. What can they do to combat this mass exodus? Here are a few ideas: Continue reading

How to Improve the ROI of Your Year-End Campaign

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

It’s that time of year again; the weather is getting colder, the hot chocolate is steaming and brands are launching year-end campaigns all over social media. It seems every company will put out a promotion or offer over the next few months. They’ll vary in complexity and tempt users with a variety of goodies and rewards they can receive. And why not, right? It’s also the time of year for giving and, as such, a time when a prize or deep discount is greatly appreciated. But how can you make sure your community engages with your campaign and you don’t put your organization in the hole when it’s all said and done? Here are a few tips to consider: Continue reading

Top 5 Best and Worst Brand Responses to the Shutdown

By Mallorie Rosebluth

It’s officially been one week since Congress shutdown and decided to handle their problems through avoidance. The last seven days have been interesting to watch from a social media perspective (and there is a TON of conversation, by October 3rd – just 48 hours into the shutdown – there was a reported 45 million interactions on Facebook alone!). Even from the personal feeds of friends and connections, it seems everyone has an opinion, and social media is once again the outlet to express points of view, frustrations and jokes about the situation. But it’s not just individuals who are starting the conversation – brands are getting involved too. And some have been more successful then others. Here is our round-up of the best, and worst, #shutdown posts we’ve seen this week: Continue reading

Consumers – The Hardest Working People in Social Media

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

As social media marketers, we often think we have the toughest and most demanding job out there. We work long hours and have demanding clients or senior execs. We serve the role of customer service, product development, PR, branding, copy, designer, and more. Plus, we have to drive sales AND awareness AND push new initiatives.  Continue reading

How Women Can Find Mentors Using Social Media

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

Social media allows young women to find inspiration and advice around common aspects of their unique lives. For instance, it’s extremely popular for Pinterest users to pin wedding planning ideas. On Twitter, women can tweet health-specific questions to organizations like Go Red For Women.

Yet a crucial part of a young woman’s life isn’t always thought to be social-media worthy – her career. Women face unique struggles in any workplace, and they can take part in legitimate mentorship conversations online. Whether you’re looking for a mentor, or a mentee, or are simply interested in how social media has changed the way professionals are connecting (especially women), I recommend three resources to help with your career.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Consumers Engaged This Summer

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

As the dog days of summer begin to press upon us, folks are hitting the beach, lighting the BBQ, and unplugging from the constant connection the other ten months of the year demand. That’s great for mental health, but not so great for brands and marketers trying to maintain the conversation and overall engagement they’ve worked to establish. But don’t sweat it, here are three ways to reach your customers during their summer vacation: Continue reading

4 Brands That Did Mother’s Day Campaigns Right

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

It’s no surprise that during key holidays, social media is heavily populated with branded campaigns–and Mother’s Day is no exception. While children were preparing to have special days with their mothers, filled with flowers and brunches, brands spent months planning to reward their customers and communities (and their mothers). Here are four of our favorites from this year: Continue reading