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Facebook Images: The 20% Text Rule [with Free Template]

By Ramon Thompson

Recently, Facebook implemented a limitation on the amount of text that would be allowed on an image in order for it to be used as an ad. Let’s look at a more efficient way of ensuring that our images meet this requirement!

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Ditch The Logo: One Quick Tip For More Engaging Content

By Ramon Thompson

It’s becoming increasingly hard to produce engaging visual content that cuts through the clutter. Here are two ways that you can create more engaging images that your fans will share with their friends. Continue reading

How To Optimize Your Facebook Cover Photo

By Ramon Thompson

Facebook is a very visual platform; their re-design is even more focused around imagery. It’s known that images on Facebook drive 94% more total views, and there is a 37% higher engagement rate for photos over text. Let’s look at one way we can consistently create visually interesting imagery that we can use to drive user engagement on your Facebook page.
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Automate Content Sharing With Recipes

By: Ramon Thompson

If This Then That (IFTTT) is a service that allows you to create “Recipes” that perform tasks. IFTTT  allows you to combine “ingredients” – services like Twitter, Pocket, and Buffer – in order to automatically share content. For example, you can save a Twitter link to your Pocket queue, and have it automatically added to your Buffer so that it’s shared with your followers when they are most likely to read your tweets. Continue reading

Put it in your Pocket!

By Ramon Thompson

I often find myself skimming my twitter stream during the morning commute, checking out the latest news and updates and occasionally marking things as “favorites” so I can check them out later. As it turns out, I never quite get around to checking those favorites, so I’ve always been on the lookout for a solution that keeps everything readily accessible and makes viewing enjoyable.

That’s where Pocket comes in!
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