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3 Ways to Show Your Community Some Love on Valentine’s Day

By Ricky DeMaio Valentine’s Day is almost here! I hope you’ve  filled out your store bought cards and hand crafted construction paper hearts in preparation. But if you’re more focused on improving your brand’s online community, then read on.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Snapchat

By Ricky DeMaio In the social space, it pays to be in the know! With new networks constantly emerging, it’s important to be an early-adopter. By reaching customers first, you’ll score points for being innovative and also be seen as fun and smart brand. One of the most recent new networks to take the social [...]

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3 Ways To Follow Up After Your Holiday Campaign

By Ricky DeMaio The season of holiday-themed social media campaigns is here again! You can be sure that many people will seek out gift deals and discounts on social media.  Remember, 58% of all social media users expect deals and promotions when they join your community.  In fact, that is the sole reason that 79% of [...]

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3 Things You Need To Know Before Using Facebook’s New Promotional Guidelines

By Ricky DeMaio From Twitter’s IPO announcement, to the recent iOS7 update, social media professionals have had a lot to chat about lately. To me, the most exciting news was announced exactly one month ago: Facebook changed its promotion guidelines.  Up until this time, all Facebook pages were required to use a third-party app in order to [...]

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10 Reasons You Should Consider GIF Marketing

By Ricky DeMaio Moving images have greatly evolved with technology – video started at the movies, made its way to television, and eventually online. With the advent of mobile, though, users are looking for quick and easily-downloadable storytelling. That’s where GIFs (i.e. animated images, for those who don’t know) can help brands easily spread an idea [...]

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You Are Boring—Start Tweeting!

By Ricky DeMaio The Government. It’s very serious business. Important decisions are made there! Also, boring things happen there. I’m not one to passionately follow the legislative due process of and I’m already falling asleep writing this. So how can various boring government institutions get my attention and get me to care? Tweet at me, [...]

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I Delete Every Email You Send Me

By Ricky DeMaio It’s true. I do. I’m on so many marketing blast email lists; I get hundreds of emails a day. I have, as I’m sure many of you have, a separate email JUST for collecting these things. I don’t check it often, and when I do, I delete every email I see. So [...]

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Keep it Simple, Stupid!

By Ricky DeMaio Social media can be a scary game to the inexperienced.  It seems complex, and so you might be inclined to implement equally complex  strategies to achieve your goals. But a common phrase my cohort Tim and I often throw around to keep each other on track is one that may be familiar [...]

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Gay Marriage, Chicken Sandwiches, and Social Media Disasters

By Ricky DeMaio You’ve probably heard by now about Chick-fil-A’s recent social media scandal. If you haven’t, allow me to summarize for you: Chick-fil-A was being blasted publicly for the company’s (and CEO’s) stance against gay marriage (which they’ve never really denied before).  Jim Henson Company even ended their partnership with the fast food chain. As a response, [...]

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Learning from LEGO: Building Your Social Strategy

Learning from LEGO: Building Your Social Strategy

By Ricky DeMaio From your content plan to community management, a social media strategy has many different pieces to it.  My other favorite pastime also has many pieces.  Inspired by LEGO, here are a few fun ways to build your social strategy.

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