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3 Likeable Lessons from Our Partners at Likeable Mexico

By Sam Sudakoff

At the beginning of 2014, Likeable Media launched a partnership with MVS Radio, based out of Mexico City, to form Likeable Mexico. What started as an office of five people is now a vibrant group of over 50 thought leaders. While Likeable Media, headquarted in New York, may have been around for much longer, we’ve really learned a lot in a short time from this passionate group.

Here are three likeable lessons from our partners at Likeable Mexico.

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Foul Play: 5 Reasons NOT to Talk About the World Cup

By Sam Sudakoff

Okay, I’m being hypocritical and writing about the World Cup, but I’m really doing this for you (so that you can learn from my mistakes). The fact is: Everyone is talking about the World Cup. While we often discuss of the importance of real-time marketing, there is one exception: when it doesn’t make sense for your brand. Don’t try to force it– it will only come across as inauthentic.

Here are the top five reasons NOT to force real-time content around pop culture events. Continue reading

The 10 Commandments of #TBT (#ThrowbackThursday)

By Sam Sudakoff

How does a brand connect with customers in a friendly way rather than come off as a huge, faceless company? Social media creates key opportunities for the humanization of your brand, like in the way you tag photos, share office culture moments online, and how you encourage your communities to engage in conversation. There’s no robot or auto-reply on the other end. There’s also another tactic you should utilize – themed hashtags. Specifically, #tbt or #throwbackthursday.

Throwback Thursday, the process of uploading a nostalgic photo from the past specifically on a Thursday, is one of the most popular Instagram trends. In the last 30 days alone, #tbt was used over 2.3 million times (Brand Bonus: That is a lot of user generated content). So, how can brands get in on the action?

Here are the 10 Commandments of #TBT.

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4 Simple Ways To Generate Innovative Ideas

By Sam Sudakoff

In a social world, where the attention span of the average consumer is diminishing by the second, brands need to think outside the box to stay ahead of the game. But as a marketer, when you’re so “in it” every day, it can be a struggle to stay inspired and continuously push the envelope on creative thinking.

Ultimately, we need to stop putting a “spin” on another campaign or concept; in order to be groundbreaking, you have to be original. Don’t recreate the wheel—in fact, don’t use wheels at all. Here are four tips for creating innovative ideas.  Continue reading

Giving Back: How 5 Non-Profits Are Thriving on Social

By Sam Sudakoff

It’s that time of year again when we’re not only making purchases for families and loved ones, but also looking to donate our time, funds, and goods to those in need. 40% of all charitable contributions are made in December. As the year ends, Americans’ charitable contributions will be the largest in the world, with $300 billion in funds and $260 billion in volunteer hours in just 12 months.  But these statistics don’t just come from the traditional idea of volunteering in-person or mailing a check. Social media giving has expanded recently. Facebook just announced that it is creating a ‘Donate’ button to partner with any post from charitable organizations. It’s never been easier to connect with a charity-driven audience.

Here are 5 charitable social media efforts that are making an impact. (And here’s what we can learn from them.) Continue reading

3 Lessons Brands Can Learn From ObamaCare’s Social Failure

By Sam Sudakoff

In 2008, President Obama was heralded for his ingenious strategy for integrating social media into his presidential campaign. Now, five years later, social media has become a major tool for instructing and informing the public about the Affordable Care Act (or “ObamaCare”). As social media increasingly becomes a standard in communication, there are several lessons we can take from the recent mishandled roll-out ObamaCare and apply them to other brand launches. Continue reading

How To Organize Your Social Budget for 2014

By Sam Sudakoff

It may seem like it’s months away, but now is the time to begin planning your 2014 social budget. Make sure that by December 2013, you have prepared plans to show ROI and to make an social impact in 2014. So what do you need to think about? Continue reading

3 Mistakes Brands Make When Engaging With Infrequent Users

By Sam Sudakoff

Don’t assume when you’re on social media that you’re talking only to social media enthusiasts. Brands must think about the infrequent user, someone who is not logging in daily (or even weekly). I know people who check Twitter 1-2 days a week simply to connect with friends to laugh at a parody account like @TheAverageShark  (check out who they are following) or catch up on life moments from the brilliant actor Neil Patrick Harris @ActuallyNPH.

Remember, people are active on social media for personal or work related reasons, not exclusively for brand content. When inactive users of this nature have such a sporadic login pattern, how are brands can brands gain respect and likeability from these types of users? Continue reading

Return From Your Hiatus: Beginning 2013 With Social Media Success

By Sam Sudakoff

Now that you’re back from your family-filled — and social media-light– vacation, it’s time to rise to the opportunities the new year brings.

Here are some tips for how to shake off your hiatus and kick off a strong 2013: Continue reading

A Likeable Leader: President Barack Obama’s Stellar Social Media Use

The power of social media starts with the most powerful person in the world. That’s right, the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama along with his staff, have mastered the technique of creating content and generating a noteworthy buzz. “How has he done this?” you might wonder. More important, “Why is he placing his efforts on social media when he should be working on his campaign and platform?”

Here are 3 ways President Obama and his team have leveraged social media into their campaign: Continue reading