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Love at First Sight: How to Make Readers Smitten with Your Blog Post

By Shari Donk What’s the first thing you notice when you’re looking for love? Is it nice eyes? Smooth hair? A huge Twitter following? There’s often something that immediately catches the eye, making us look twice.  And when it comes to getting an audience to fall in love with your blog post, the same applies. [...]

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How The Jackson 5 Can Help Plan Your 2014 Social Media Strategy

By Shari Donk The Jackson 5 is most well known for their song ABC. We all know having a brand on social media isn’t as easy as 1-2-3. However, when thinking about social media strategy in the year to come, the Jackson 5 hit it right on the head. How? See below. When thinking about [...]

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10 Surprising Social Media Statistics

By Samy Simorangkir and Shari Donk Are you a social media “guru?” Do you know every statistic about every social network? Think again! In 2013, the social media space has changed drastically. This time last year, Vine, Instagram video and Snapchat didn’t even exist! In the past year, Facebook and Twitter have gone through multiple [...]

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3 Things to Know About Facebook’s Photo Album Update

By Shari Donk On Monday, Facebook announced the addition of shared photo albums, where multiple users will be able to upload photos to the same album. With 500 million pictures being shared over the internet every day, it’s no surprise that Facebook wants to capitalize on a user’s innate need to collaborate with photos.

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Reddit. Set. Go

By Shari Donk  Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Youtube. LinkedIn. What do all these social networks have in common? They are all flooded with brands–brands that are posting multiple times a day, trying to expand their reach and break through the clutter of countless status updates, pictures, and job promotions. Where can your brand can go [...]

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How @Sosh Is Changing The Way People Share New Things

By Shari Donk Last week, one of my Likeable co-workers messaged me on Facebook with what looked like a generic, spammy message to sign up for some random website. I clicked the link and, to my surprise, I actually loved what appeared on my screen. Sōsh is a site made to change the way people [...]

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Three Things Marketers Can Learn from the Harlem Shake

by Shari Donk For those of you who don’t know (how could you not? it’s blown up all over the web), the Harlem Shake is a video that has gone “viral” on YouTube. Plenty of brands, colleges, and social media users have made their own version of this silly video. You can check out the Likeable Harlem Shake below. But what [...]

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The 8 Social Media Miracles of 2012

By Shari Donk Just as this week we are celebrating the 8 miraculous nights of Chanukkah, this blog is celebrating the 8 social media miracles of 2012. What do all of these “miracles” have in common? They were all events that no one could have predicted would occur, but when they did happen, they made [...]

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Tweet My Regards to Broadway

by Shari Donk You turn on a TV show and what do you see in the lower left hand corner? Ten years ago – even THREE years ago, you’d see nothing exceptional. But today, it is likely you will see the TV show hashtagged. #Fringe #Glee #HIMYM. It is becoming extremely popular for TV shows [...]

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Socialize Your Bookshelf

By Shari Donk Ever since I received my Kindle last Christmas, I have become the ultimate book nerd. I always loved to read as a child, making frequent visits to the library, haphazardly picking up whatever books had a cool looking cover. Back then, the only way to get a book recommendation was through word [...]

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