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The Call-to-Action: A Necessary Evil

By Theresa Braun RT this if you’ve seen a brand use a call-to-action on social media in the past week. “Like” this if you found it desperate. Yes, calls-to-action have become routine, perhaps even formulaic. And yet, we see brands continue to use them. Why? Because they work.

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7 Things You Can Do With @Medium

By Theresa Braun Over the summer, we announced that blogging had “found a happy medium” with the new publishing platform from Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Ev Williams. Since then, Medium has opened to all contributors, moving from “a better place to read and write things that matter” to “everyone’s stories and ideas.” In the fall, [...]

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2013: The Year of Short-Form Content

By Theresa Braun As new platforms emerged and consumer attention span continued to dwindle in 2013, we witnessed a golden year for short-form content. In an age when we are attached to our mobile devices which are themselves constantly inundated with messaging, brands learned to connect with consumers during in-between moments with connections that could [...]

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5 Open-Worthy Email Newsletters

By Theresa Braun You know by now that your brand should be taking advantage of Facebook and Twitter. But you just might be underrating an element of the marketing mix. A recent report from Custora revealed that over the past four years, brands have quadrupled the rate of customers acquired via email. Clearly, the “old-fashioned [...]

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4 Rules for Creating a Branded Hashtag

By Theresa Braun Companies have been creating the branded hashtag for the past six years, and their momentum has not slowed down a bit. With such an abundance of “#”s on Twitter, there’s a great deal of pressure for marketers to create a branded hashtag that has just the right word or phrase in order [...]

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Shark Week Mania: When Should Your Brand Dive In?

By Theresa Braun Recently, brands have become more and more eager to achieve “real time relevance”–and for a good reason: studies show that “opportunistic content” drives a 400-600% increase in engagement. In order to break through the clutter online, brands are required to create timely, engaging content that really resonates with consumers.

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Blogging Has Found A Happy @Medium

By Theresa Braun Today’s popular microblogging sites–Twitter, Tumblr, and the like–are image-centric, sharing stories through GIFs, Vines, and engaging photos. This is a giant leap from the early days of blogging, with long form posts and serious writing. The newest blogging platform has struck a balance, making the focus on writing not too big, not too [...]

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5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Forum

By Theresa Braun At the Women In Strategy Summit this spring, Likeable Media’s CEO, Carrie Kerpen, introduced the social media forum as a way to help businesses staff for success. Because this model is largely uncharted territory, use the following as guide for creating a social media forum at your organization.

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How You’re Underestimating LinkedIn

By Theresa Braun At LinkedIn’s core is talent solutions: networking and recruiting. Brands–the big, the small, and the very big (HP, PepsiCo, and Starbucks, to name a few)–haven’t hesitated to acknowledge the social network’s knack for finding top talent. They’ve been ramping up their spending on LinkedIn, taking advantage of job ads, career pages, and [...]

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Consumer + Brand 4eva: How to Spark Passion

By Theresa Braun “Only the quality of the product and the resonance a customer feels with the company can produce repeat business and brand loyalty.” – Ben & Jerry Human beings are drawn toward those who are passionate about something, who speak with an uncontrollable enthusiasm and are motivated by love not ego or money. [...]

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