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What the 2014 World Series Teams Can Teach Us About Social Media

By Noah Jarosh

This year, the Kansas City Royals and San Francisco Giants are competing in what has been one of the best World Series contests that baseball has seen in recent years. Both teams have had fantastic seasons and feature their own particular set of key traits that have them seeking a championship. The success the two squads have seen can also teach us how to succeed in social media.

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5 Books Every Creative Must Read

By Emily Taing

Being a creative is hard. You are constantly being asked to think up great ideas, and then go back to the drawing board until the client is happy. Although there is no replacement for first-hand knowledge and experience, I have found myself constantly referring to these five books throughout my career.  They have been essential in my understanding of the creative industry,  helped inspire me to bring creativity to life, and taught me how and why great work works. So if you work in the advertising/creative business or are interested in learning how the creative mind works, grab a hard copy of these books and start reading. Continue reading

Why Snapchat’s Ads Are Better Than Yours

By Nicole Grossberg

This weekend Snapchat ran its first advertisement on the app, and so far all signs point to success. I’ll admit that I’ve personally had my skepticism about this platform, but when a kudos is deserved I certainly won’t deny it.

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Why Facebook is Better at Advertising Than Google

By Rachel Hadley

I find it both extremely interesting and ironic that after Google tried to beat Facebook at social media, Facebook is going to beat Google at advertising. If you had told me this three years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy. But I find myself clicking Facebook ads more often than I care to admit. That’s because Facebook knows me and therefore, advertisers are able to target me more specifically.

Here’s why I think Facebook is a more powerful advertising platform and will ultimately surpass Google in ad spend. Continue reading

Is Long-Form Video Content Back In Style?

By Michael Harari

Thanks to smarter phones, larger devices, and more access to WiFi and broadband networks, longer video content doesn’t take forever to load or stream. Which might explain why we’ve seen brands go through a renaissance of sorts, seeking longer-form video to tell their stories. That’s not to say that the stories don’t work across Vine, Instagram, or the :30 spot, but there’s something more compelling about a 5-minute video to a full 20+ minute documentary. Continue reading

What Facebook Atlas Means To Marketers

By Tim Bosch

Last week Facebook announced the re-launch of Atlas, a digital advertising platform in which you can focus on an individual’s behavior rather than cookies. Continue reading

Social Media Science: How to Use Facial Recognition to Your Advantage

By John Kultgen

Is it important to show a person’s face? As social media increasingly becomes more visual, I’m constantly challenged with this question. For clothing and hair products, it seems natural. But if a brand sells a product or service that can be seen without the presence of a person, especially his or her face, why bother? Continue reading

Will Custom Audiences Replace Fans in Facebook Advertising?

By Terry Sheridan

Digital Advertisers, with some minor deviations, mostly understand the Facebook conversion funnel as a four step process:

1. Grow fan base.

2. Promote a genuine interest in your community and product.

3. Host contests and giveaways to excite, surprise, and delight

4. Drive traffic to your website to convert. Continue reading

Social Media Cheat Sheet For Users [Infographic]

By Emily Taing & Charlie Balk

With all of the social media outlets available today, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to focus on. Should you tweet, like, snap, or comment? This infographic, Social Media Cheat Sheet (For Users) breaks down the most popular social networks into digestible snippets, describing how they can be utilized, as well as highlighting their pros and cons. Learn how to best leverage each platform & start socializing! 

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3 Statistics to Judge Early Facebook Advertising Performance

By Noah Jarosh

In baseball, the two most important stats are the number of runs scored against your team and the number of runs your team scores. For individual players, things like ERA, OPS, and batting average are key statistics. They are the numbers that directly weigh how well you are achieving your end goal—to get on base for batters, to keep players off the base paths for pitchers.

However, outside of these primary statistics are a number of peripheral figures that can help indicate future performance: strikeouts and walks, batting average on balls in play, etc. These aren’t figures that show an end-goal, but they can be excellent resources when attempting to estimate how a player will perform moving forward.

There is a similar concept with Facebook advertising. There are, of course, KPIs that are expected to be met. These are things like acquiring a certain number of new fans for a Facebook page, earning a certain number of engagement, and driving ROI in e-commerce advertisements. Likes, engagements, conversions, app installs, etc. The end goals.

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