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Are the New Twitter Analytics Narcissistic?

By Terry Sheridan

Why wouldn’t you want to know how many people looked at the photos you uploaded from your 4th of July party? As the battle for attention wages on, Twitter has opened a new front with increased access to back-end data  including views and retweets. This data has been available to advertisers for years, but now Twitter is rolling it out to the public. Continue reading

Why Facebook Is NOT The Enemy

By Rachel Hadley

It’s time for marketers to face a somewhat harsh reality: Social media is not free.

Facebook is not the enemy. It is a business and a very successful one at that. Last week, Facebook admitted organic reach has slowly been declining for brands. Gone are the days when brands (and even individuals) can post something and all fans (friends) would see the update. Continue reading

Indexing Likeability Part 3 of 3: How Do I Measure Being Likeable?

By Cara Friedman

One of the biggest problem marketers are currently facing with social media measurement  is that they are looking at metrics in silos. To be truly likeable, you need to see the full picture. To view success accurately, you not only need to be measuring your activities on social media, but you need to make sure you’re measuring the right numbers. Sentiment, community actions, and brand responsiveness are three important metrics for your brand to look at when measuring success in social media, but they must be viewed together. When you view metrics out of context, you end up seeing an inaccurate story. Continue reading

Indexing Likeability Part 2 of 3: Why Do I Want To Be Likeable?

By Cara Friedman

Here at Likeable Media, we have always valued being a likeable business above all else. But why? Facts are, as much as consumers would like to think that they make purchase decisions solely based on hard facts, the truth remains that we live in a world of emotional decision makers. Consumers base purchasing decisions on their personal feelings toward a brand, connections they may have with that brand, and ultimately how likeable they find a brand. Here are some surprising stats that will make you want to be more likeable: Continue reading

Indexing Likeability Part 1 of 3: What Makes A Brand Likeable?

By Cara Friedman

If I were to ask you, “is your brand likeable?” would you know the answer? Sure, you may have a general idea about how your customers feel about you but what about beyond that? Do you really have a pulse on how people fee l about your brand? Probably not. One of the problems with figuring out whether you are likeable or not comes from not really understanding what being a likeable brand means. Continue reading

How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Insights

By Rachel Hadley

People in the social media industry are generally very creative– and sometimes creative people are not particularly analytical. In order to calculate social media ROI, you need to be comfortable with numbers.  Likeable provides its clients with a monthly analysis of Facebook data. It ultimately helps us determine the best time, day and format to reach and engage fans in the future. Even if numbers aren’t your thing, here are a few tips that can help you make the most of Facebook Insights. Continue reading

You Should Be Gathering Insights, But You’re Not

As Dave Kerpen always says: “Listen first, and never stop listening.” Not only should you never stop listening on social media, but often the truth is that you never started to listen–and don’t know how.  Continue reading

3 Tried and Tested Ways to Sell Social to the C-Suite

By Alexandra Ostrow

The ways in which we encounter social media on a daily basis are endless: restaurant windows featuring “Check in on Foursquare,” in-store prompts to download exclusive apps, share messaging on just about every website ever created, and live streams of tweets when we attend events (and this list doesn’t even account for the frequency at which each of us glances through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and more).

While the prevalence of social media in the marketing world is undeniable, it’s still not uncommon to hear some version of “What’s the ROI?” or “Why do we need to be on social media?” when approaching the C-Suite with social media marketing proposals.

Here are three of my favorite ways to approach such questions while improving marketing efforts in the process: Continue reading

Hacking Facebook’s Ad Platform for Fan Insights

By Tim Bosch

Facebook Insights is truly impressive when compared to every other native analytic platform in social media. This tool provides an immense amount of data regarding reach, engagement, page growth and of course, a healthy dose of demographic and geographic data about your current fans. All of this is great, but I always want more, and I set out to find a way to tap into Facebook’s wealth of psychographic & life-stage data on my current fans. I never thought it would be so easy! Continue reading

Proving The Value Of Facebook Advertising: The Struggle Continues

By Serena Goldberg

Demonstrating the value of Facebook advertising has been a hefty undertaking for marketers of all stripes, and the pressure has only increased as more and more investment is put into social media. Facebook ads can increase brand awareness and drive more Likes on a company’s Facebook page – as evidenced by metrics such as click-thru rates and new page likes. But many marketers are looking to go beyond just showing an increase in Likes.* To meet this demand, measurements of Facebook advertising are becoming more sophisticated.

Continue reading