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Is Long-Form Video Content Back In Style?

By Michael Harari

Thanks to smarter phones, larger devices, and more access to WiFi and broadband networks, longer video content doesn’t take forever to load or stream. Which might explain why we’ve seen brands go through a renaissance of sorts, seeking longer-form video to tell their stories. That’s not to say that the stories don’t work across Vine, Instagram, or the :30 spot, but there’s something more compelling about a 5-minute video to a full 20+ minute documentary. Continue reading

4 Simple Ways To Generate Innovative Ideas

By Sam Sudakoff

In a social world, where the attention span of the average consumer is diminishing by the second, brands need to think outside the box to stay ahead of the game. But as a marketer, when you’re so “in it” every day, it can be a struggle to stay inspired and continuously push the envelope on creative thinking.

Ultimately, we need to stop putting a “spin” on another campaign or concept; in order to be groundbreaking, you have to be original. Don’t recreate the wheel—in fact, don’t use wheels at all. Here are four tips for creating innovative ideas.  Continue reading

How Social Media Has Changed Consumer Expectations

By Carrie Tylawsky

Social media has paved a road not previously taken: it allows brands to engage directly with consumers, thereby creating extended relationships. As social shifts to become more personal, efficient, and easily accessible, the conversation expands beyond brand-to-consumer and opens a dialogue between multiple players. In response to this changing landscape, consumer expectations grow–and brands must rise to meet the challenge.  Continue reading

Big Brands, Smaller Networks

By Carrie Kerpen

On yesterday’s earnings call, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg announced that 25 million small businesses have created Facebook pages, with over 1 million of those businesses investing in ads on the platform. It’s safe to say that Facebook has matured into a network that is widely used by brands both large and small.

Since brands across the globe are using Facebook and Twitter regularly, and networks like Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram are all gaining steam, it’s worth looking at brands that act as “early adopters,” those that push forward and hop onto emerging, niche networks. While large networks have the user numbers, smaller networks often have added benefits that can’t be matched. Continue reading

3 “Horrifying” Social Media Blunders & Their Lessons

By Mike Mitchell

Happy Halloween, everybody. Today marks the culmination of a season filled with grim tales, gory costumes, and the word “hobgoblin.”

But if you work in social media, then ghosts, vampires, and werewolves wearing varsity jackets don’t give you nightmares – the thought of your brand saying the wrong thing does.

Such a mistake, made on a digital platform where everyone can see, actually can haunt you. In the spirit of checking out scary things, let’s look at a few social media missteps, so that we may avoid repeating them. Continue reading

3 Reasons To Get Your Brand On Tinder Immediately

By Carrie Tylawsky

If you stay up to date on social happenings, chances are you’ve heard about the new dating app that has taken the world by storm – Tinder. Originally scoffed at for being a new version of “hot or not”, Tinder is getting the manpower behind it that is making it a serious contender in the marketplace. So why should you consider doing something on Tinder?  Continue reading

Reddit. Set. Go

By Shari Donk 

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Youtube. LinkedIn. What do all these social networks have in common? They are all flooded with brands–brands that are posting multiple times a day, trying to expand their reach and break through the clutter of countless status updates, pictures, and job promotions. Where can your brand can go that not many other brands are taking advantage of? Reddit.

Continue reading

The One Lie Social Media Marketers Need To Stop Telling

By Cara Friedman

Nobody will ever deny that social media as an industry that has come a long way. Even since the beginning of Likeable Media, there have been astronomical strides in social capabilities and the ways that brands can leverage social media to grow their business. At the beginning of the social media phenomenon there were a lot of unanswered questions. How will this help my business? How can you prove sales through social media? Is my investment in social media really worth it? The list goes on and on… Continue reading

5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Forum

By Theresa Braun

At the Women In Strategy Summit this spring, Likeable Media’s CEO, Carrie Kerpen, introduced the social media forum as a way to help businesses staff for success. Because this model is largely uncharted territory, use the following as guide for creating a social media forum at your organization. Continue reading

The Most Important Thing You Must Give Your Social Agency

By Cara Friedman

The brand/agency relationship is extremely important to having an incredible social media presence. Being on the agency-side, we at Likeable work extremely closely with our clients every day. The most important thing in that relationship is trust. When there is trust between the two parties, the agency can go above and beyond the norm and the brand can benefit tremendously. Here’s how: Continue reading