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3 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Round-the-Clock Community Management

By Charlie Balk

Gone are the days when brands could skate by with mediocre community management. Best in class CM is a virtual necessity for any brand that isn’t willing to risk its reputation when venturing into social. The bar has risen and, as a result, responding quickly from sun-up to sun-down is no longer a choice. Here are the three main reasons why your community management team can’t punch out at 5 o’clock anymore. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Real-Time Content

By Kelly Byrd

No matter your industry or target audience(s), it is likely that you (and/or your clients) are seeking to share more “real-time” content on social media.

In 2014 alone, there have been several platform changes affecting real-time marketing strategies.

Here is what you should know about real-time content. Continue reading

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Blog Traffic

By Elana Lyn Gross

Pinterest is a very valuable tool for bloggers. I not only use Pinterest as a source of ideas and inspiration but also as a method for promoting my blog posts. A large amount of traffic to my blog comes from Pinterest. Here are a few best practices for Pinterest!

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3 Ways To Use Social Media At Your Events

By Nicole Grossberg

Let’s face it: everyone is busy.  We all have jobs, obligations, families–and it’s tough to balance everything.  As marketers, when we invite consumers to attend an event promoting a product or service, we are gaining valuable face-time–so don’t waste it!  95% of consumer respondents said that participating in a recent event made them more inclined to purchase the products promoted, and 70% of consumers leave events and experiences with a more positive opinion of the brand, company, or product being showcased.  Those are some astounding numbers!

Here are three ways to engage consumers using social media at your next event.    Continue reading

SEO Basics for Bloggers

By Elana Lyn Gross

SEO Basics for Bloggers by Likeable Media's Elana Lyn Gross

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems confusing, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll see that it isn’t so difficult–and will really drive traffic to your blog or business. The other day, my dad marveled at how fast he could find results on Google. He asked me if gnomes run all of the searches (I’m fairly certain he was joking but he did just recently learn that a Blackberry is a phone and not just an email device, so who knows). He wasn’t far off: Search Engine Spiders crawl the web to understand websites and prioritize how they show up in search.  SEO is a huge topic–there are courses on it, books about it, and a plethora of research–but I’m going to off with a few simple tips.

Here are the SEO basics for bloggers. Continue reading

3 Agency Tips for Thoughtful Client Service

By Kelly Byrd

Many of us who work in social media (or other areas of) marketing are employed by an agency, and want to do the best work possible for our clients.

Here are three tips for increasingly thoughtful client service – no matter what section of an organization or business you’re involved with.

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What To Say When You Have Nothing to Say

By Charlie Balk

Every brand has a story, and being on social media is all about telling people that story. That being said, it’s called “social” media for a reason. Don’t just broadcast your story; start a conversation.

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15 Animals Who Dominate the Internet Kingdom

By Danielle Eckert

It’s no secret that the animal kingdom is well and alive on the Internet. Browse any one of your social networks and there will be a plethora of cat memes and dog gifs.

Many brands have capitalized on using animals in their ads. The Budweiser Clydesdales have been a staple for Anheuser-Busch since 1933; more recently, the brand introduced Labrador puppies, because: puppies. Or maybe you are more interested in cats? My personal favorite has to be the Cravendales #catswiththumbs campaign. Or take the Wonderful Pistachios use of an actual Internet famous cat, Keyboard cat (R.I.P. you talented little dude). Certain brands are built around, and well known for, their animals (the Geico Gecko, Tony the Tiger, and the Aflac Duck, to name a few). Brands use animals in their advertising not only because they are cute, but to tie that association to their brand to make it more recognizable.

Below is a ranking of the 15 most popular animals that have graced the Internet in recent years.

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4 Networks That are Making Their Mark With College Kids

By Alex Benton

As 64 college basketball teams ready themselves for the NCAA tournament, how will the students at these universities be communicating with each other on social media? Over the past 3 years, the number of teenagers using Facebook has declined by 25%, opening the door for smaller social networks to grab a piece of the market share. Could some of these networks potentially make a run at the #1 seeds of social media?

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Love at First Sight: How to Make Readers Smitten with Your Blog Post

By Shari Donk

What’s the first thing you notice when you’re looking for love? Is it nice eyes? Smooth hair? A huge Twitter following? There’s often something that immediately catches the eye, making us look twice.  And when it comes to getting an audience to fall in love with your blog post, the same applies. You must have that eye-catching quality: an attractive title.

When looking at the 11 Most Likeable Blog Posts of 2013, there are three takeaways for writing a great title: Continue reading