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11 Most Likeable Blog Posts Of 2013

 By Brian Murray

Likeable Media posts a new blog every week day by different team members to help our audience utilize best practices and understand how social media is changing. Over the course of 2013, we’ve blogged over 200 times. Success in a blog can be measured in many different ways. We define success as a combination of the following: driving action, page views, leads, social shares, search discovery and new employee applicants. We’ve reviewed each blog and taken into account whether or not something is still relevant in order to exclude posts that have been rendered obsolete due to changes in networks, etc. We are proud to present to you in no particular order the 11 Most Likeable Blog Posts of 2013!

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Avoiding The Element of SURPRISE! Three Key Contractual Points To Consider

By Carrie Tylawsky 

We’re getting into one of the busiest times of year – not just for your family during the holidays, but also for your company! As 2013 wraps up, many brands are looking at how they expand their offerings and bring new players to the board, whether that’s through freelance, agencies, or additional internal team members. Before signing any contract, however, you should make sure your team is aligned on the following points: Continue reading

5 Reliable Places To Get Social Media News

By Cara Friedman

Social media marketing is a booming industry. Back when it was a new concept to businesses and marketers, Mashable was the must-read blog for all your social media news. Now that it has grown to the size it is today, marketers need more focused content to satisfy their needs. In fact, 23% of marketers are investing in blogging and social media this year, a 9% increase from 2012. Continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Consider GIF Marketing

By Ricky DeMaio

Moving images have greatly evolved with technology – video started at the movies, made its way to television, and eventually online. With the advent of mobile, though, users are looking for quick and easily-downloadable storytelling. That’s where GIFs (i.e. animated images, for those who don’t know) can help brands easily spread an idea or message.

Since 2009, Google searches for GIFs have more than tripled.

Users want this form of media, so it’s time you joined the conversation if you haven’t.  Here are my top 10 reasons why you should consider incorporating GIFs or lists of GIFs into your social content strategy. Continue reading

Brand Integrity 101

By Frank Emanuele

Consistency is perhaps the most overlooked marketing principle. So much lip service is paid to the idea that marketing messages and materials need to be consistent. That’s why we all know the slogans of brands like McDonald’s and Nike: their messaging has been consistent for years. We all learned this (seemingly) basic concept in Marketing 101, so why do so many marketers completely miss the boat? The essential part that is often missing is a cohesive brand attitude demonstrated in every level of an organization’s public presence. Be it the CEO, the community manager, or a call center rep, all members of an organization must dedicate themselves to a consistent theme and tone when interacting with their audience.
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3 Creative Ways To Re-Purpose Blog Content

By Brian Murray

There are plenty of amazing companies and personal brands out there. But even the best blog post has a shelf-life in terms of promotion–realistically, how many times can you tweet the same article? Part of a successful social media strategy is determining how much content you should create versus how much should you curate. Sure it’s great to curate other’s content but why not share your own blog content in new forms? By re-purposing past content, you can revive it and introduce it to new audiences. Here are three creative ways to re-purpose blog content:

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Acquiring Social Media Followers with SMS

By Jessica Gaynor

One of the best ways to achieve social media marketing goals is by integrating digital channels as part of a cross-channel promotional strategy. Though Passbook, mobile web, push, and voice all present viable options, one channel that performs exceptionally well while driving social media traffic is SMS. Continue reading

Facebook Comments Go Wild!

By Frank Emanuele

Facebook is just rocking the boat in all sorts of ways these past few weeks, isn’t it? Several weeks ago, the social network introduced replies to comments. Finally! Didn’t we all want that about three years ago? Fast-forward to last week. Facebook’s Twitter envy reared its head once again as it introduced hashtags! Sure, you could argue it’s just integrating an existing feature from the not-so-newly acquired Instagram, but we all know that at heart, Facebook is still trying to cash in on some of the things that make Twitter so popular. That brings us to this week, when two new features began to roll out, and community managers everywhere rejoiced! Let’s take a look and see what they are:

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4 Brands That Did Mother’s Day Campaigns Right

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

It’s no surprise that during key holidays, social media is heavily populated with branded campaigns–and Mother’s Day is no exception. While children were preparing to have special days with their mothers, filled with flowers and brunches, brands spent months planning to reward their customers and communities (and their mothers). Here are four of our favorites from this year: Continue reading

The Most Important Thing You Must Give Your Social Agency

By Cara Friedman

The brand/agency relationship is extremely important to having an incredible social media presence. Being on the agency-side, we at Likeable work extremely closely with our clients every day. The most important thing in that relationship is trust. When there is trust between the two parties, the agency can go above and beyond the norm and the brand can benefit tremendously. Here’s how: Continue reading