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Brand Integrity 101

By Frank Emanuele Consistency is perhaps the most overlooked marketing principle. So much lip service is paid to the idea that marketing messages and materials need to be consistent. That’s why we all know the slogans of brands like McDonald’s and Nike: their messaging has been consistent for years. We all learned this (seemingly) basic concept in [...]

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3 Creative Ways To Re-Purpose Blog Content

By Brian Murray There are plenty of amazing companies and personal brands out there. But even the best blog post has a shelf-life in terms of promotion–realistically, how many times can you tweet the same article? Part of a successful social media strategy is determining how much content you should create versus how much should [...]

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Acquiring Social Media Followers with SMS

By Jessica Gaynor One of the best ways to achieve social media marketing goals is by integrating digital channels as part of a cross-channel promotional strategy. Though Passbook, mobile web, push, and voice all present viable options, one channel that performs exceptionally well while driving social media traffic is SMS.

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Facebook Comments Go Wild!

By Frank Emanuele Facebook is just rocking the boat in all sorts of ways these past few weeks, isn’t it? Several weeks ago, the social network introduced replies to comments. Finally! Didn’t we all want that about three years ago? Fast-forward to last week. Facebook’s Twitter envy reared its head once again as it introduced hashtags! [...]

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4 Brands That Did Mother’s Day Campaigns Right

By Mallorie Rosenbluth It’s no surprise that during key holidays, social media is heavily populated with branded campaigns–and Mother’s Day is no exception. While children were preparing to have special days with their mothers, filled with flowers and brunches, brands spent months planning to reward their customers and communities (and their mothers). Here are four [...]

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The Most Important Thing You Must Give Your Social Agency

By Cara Friedman The brand/agency relationship is extremely important to having an incredible social media presence. Being on the agency-side, we at Likeable work extremely closely with our clients every day. The most important thing in that relationship is trust. When there is trust between the two parties, the agency can go above and beyond the [...]

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3 Ways to Use Pheed to Amplify Your Brand

By Brian Honigman Mobile focused social networks that act as a one-stop shop like SnapChat, Instagram, Vine, and Kik are quickly becoming the standard among teens and other demographics as they see immense user growth and engagement. One of the front-runners of this new shift toward simple, media-rich, and mobile focused networks is Pheed. Pheed quickly rose [...]

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5 Must-Haves For Your Brand’s Social Media Policy

By Carrie Tylawsky Chances are, your company has a social media policy. Whether it’s buried in the back of an HR handbook or requires a full day of rigorous training to understand all the rules, almost everyone has some form of dos and don’ts when it comes to the social space. However, as social media [...]

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New Feed, New Images on Facebook

By Ike Brooker The one constant with Facebook is change. In its latest update, Facebook fixed some UI disconnect with the Timeline and brought it in line with the mobile app. This unifies the look and feel, and creates a more branded experience.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Go Silent on Social Media

By Andi Barton Contrary to popular belief, there are in fact times when you can–and should–pause your community management. The daily expectations from your fans set high standards in terms of response management and customer service. However, there are times when it is better to remain silent, times when controversy is present or events are unfolding [...]

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