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You Need More Than Just Social Media to Have Great Customer Service

By Mallorie Rosenbluth

Around here, we typically complain about brands that aren’t living up to their social media potential, and praise those that do an amazing job in the space. Sometimes brands let us down in social media, but if we love their product or service, we let it slip (and plot ways to get their attention so we can offer up some guidance). But what about when social media outperforms the product or service you experience as a customer? Does a great social media presence make up for a lousy in-store or human experience? Can you forgive your favorite or most-used brands for not solving your problem (or really doing anything to fix a situation) if the community manager who works on the brand does an outstanding job engaging with you? Does saying “I’m sorry” on social media count if the brand doesn’t ever put its money where its mouth is? I say no. And I’ve compiled several examples from Likeable employees of times when their favorite brands haven’t come through after being super responsive and engaging on social media.  Continue reading

4 Social Media Lessons Athletes Can Teach Brands

By Noah Jarosh

Athletes love expressing themselves via social media and fans love having platforms on which they can follow their idols. Some of these athletes have become incredibly skilled at using social media — good enough that they could actually teach brands a thing or two (or four). Here are four famous athletes who can teach brands about using social media.

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5 Essential Qualities of a Summer Intern

By Charlie Balk

Though Likeable Media has ended its official “Buzz Builder” internship program, we still rely heavily on the help of entry-level, part-time Associate Community Managers. These ACMs are an essential part of the company’s ability to provide round-the-clock active listening and engagement on behalf of our clients.

So how do we select the best and brightest who will be ready for the responsibility of managing communities? These are the “5 Ps” we look for — essential qualities of any successful summer intern.

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8 Key Elements for Managing a Social Media Crisis

By James Reichert 

A “crisis” is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. It’s these moments of intense difficulty that can make or break a brand’s reputation on social media. These crises occur far too often in the realm of social media today, which makes it imperative for proper planning before a crisis even occurs. Below are some of the key elements that a brand needs to keep in mind when managing a crisis, no matter how serious it may be.

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6 Reasons Why People Are Jerks On The Internet

By Casey Danton

Welcome to the internet.

We’ve got tons of cat videos, memes, and oh, rude people too.

Trolls, scammers, spammers, or just plain jerks, however you choose to describe them, you’ve come into contact with at least one in your online lifetime– and it’s the worst.  What makes people behave brashly online? Why do they say things they would never say or do in any face-to-face confrontation? And, most important for brands, how should you respond to them if they ever visit your social media platforms?

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What To Say When You Have Nothing to Say

By Charlie Balk

Every brand has a story, and being on social media is all about telling people that story. That being said, it’s called “social” media for a reason. Don’t just broadcast your story; start a conversation.

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The Definitive Guide to Live Tweeting

By Corey Smock

“Much speech is one thing, well-timed speech is another.”

It’s safe to say that Sophocles wasn’t referring to Twitter when he first wrote this phrase, but little did he know how relevant it would be to us today. Continue reading

3 Ways to Show Your Community Some Love on Valentine’s Day

By Ricky DeMaio

Valentine’s Day is almost here! I hope you’ve  filled out your store bought cards and hand crafted construction paper hearts in preparation. But if you’re more focused on improving your brand’s online community, then read on.

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Don’t Make This Community Management Mistake


Many major brands are making a major mistake when it comes to community management: they’re not doing it. According to one study of 100 top global brands, 54% don’t reply to people on Twitter.


Why don’t they? Because it requires a lot of effort, planning, training, and logistics to set up a community management team. But for brands who are investing so much in digital and social campaigns, they will not get the same return if they don’t invest in the community they are building through their marketing efforts.


In my opinion, Brands need (at least) one dedicated community manager–and I’m not talking about a part-time intern or customer service representative. Below are my top reasons why.


3 Ways to Beat the Facebook Algorithm

By Shannon Maguire

David Bowie’s hit “Changes” (you know, “Ch-ch-ch-changes”) should be Facebook’s theme song. After all, it seems that with each day comes another mysterious algorithm change that leaves us scrambling. Sure, you could constantly throw money at every piece of content to make it perform better, but should you really have to pay for fans (who willingly chose to like your page) to see your posts? I think not. So here a few easy ways to beat that algorithm and boost engagement. Continue reading