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3 Life-Hacks in Honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day

By James Reichert 

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day! Today marks the 4th year of this holiday celebrating the individuals who serve as the voice, tone, and heart of their online communities. No day as a Community Manager is ever the same, as we are constantly in the trenches of various brand pages, battling platform issues and bugs (especially when it comes to a certain platform that starts with “face” and ends with “book”). As a little way to show how much I appreciate my fellow CMs, I’m sharing some tips, tricks, and life-hacks that can come in handy when juggling multiple brand pages.

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HOW TO: Boost Engagement Without Touching Your Content

By Charlie Balk

As Facebook continues to manipulate its algorithm, unpaid reach will continue to plummet and social media managers will need to do everything they can to combat the trend. The most direct solution is improving your content. But a lot can be done to create a community where people actually want to comment, without changing the content. Higher engagement rates lead to higher reach, so getting one-time commenters on a post to engage more than once can pay dividends in terms of reach. And, showing your community you care can go along way in building brand loyalty. According to one study, your brand’s likeability accounts for 80% of whether your brand is remembered later. People don’t like to buy stuff from jerks, so be charming, witty, and nice in every way you possibly can!

Here are just a few way to encourage people to engage with your brand on social media.

3 Reasons to Try a Multiplatform Contest

By Shannon Maguire

Each day, we spend anywhere from two to four hours on social media networks and 65% of that time is spent on mobile. As social media marketers, we have to step back and look at, not only these facts, but our own consumption when crafting campaigns to build a user-friendly and brand-friendly (aka successful) contest or sweepstakes. One of the most important things we must learn is that we are not confined to one network or platform, because our fans are not. They are constantly switching between apps and sharing across multiple platforms, so we must too – break free of the single network shackles and embrace the multiplatform contest!
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How To Choose the Right Social Media Management Tool

By Charlie Balk

With literally hundreds of various apps, tools, and widgets to assist you in your social media journey, how do you pick which one is right for you? First, begin by identifying your needs and establishing your budget, then start exploring your options. Don’t get tricked by flash and frills, and realize that most things can be done most directly and easily on your networks.

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3 Ways Social Stalking Can Benefit Your Brand

By Shannon Maguire

Facebook creeping, Twitter stalking, Instagram spying: Whatever you call it, we all do it and we do it frequently (the average American spends nearly 16 minutes of every hour on social media sites). When we put our lives on the Internet for all to see, we are saying we want to be seen, we want to be heard, and in most cases we want to express some emotion. You may be thinking that the aforementioned social activities are reserved for looking up your ex or an old classmate from the comfort of your couch, but social stalking has evolved. As a matter of fact, it may not even be fair to call it “stalking” anymore (I understand the word has somewhat of an ominous connotation). Instead, let’s call it “active listening.”

Active listening has been proven to drive sales for many brands. In fact, 36 percent of marketers have found a customer via Twitter, and analysts say that Facebook is the most effective platform to get consumers talking about products. Now, back away from your second-cousin-twice-removed’s vacation photos and start putting your “stalking skills” to good use for your brand! Here are three ways social stalking active listening can bring positive buzz–and even new business–to your company.

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5 Keys to Social Engagement (As Told by Gifs)

By Shannon Maguire

In social media, we are constantly trying to understand and engage with our fans.  We create images and develop witty copy in the hopes that the community will like, comment, share, RT, double tap, etc., but our job as social media managers doesn’t stop there. We need to give fans a reason to want to interact with our brand and establish a connection, which will ultimately help us to better understand and provide for the consumer. So buckle-up and get ready to take a ‘gif journey’ through the 5 keys to social engagement! Continue reading

Why You’re Wasting Your Time On Social

By Alexandra Ostrow

There are now a multitude of different social networking platforms on which one can choose to market themselves. For many, this translates to: “There are now a multitude of different social networking platforms on which I should be marketing myself.”

Not so.

In fact, should you choose to establish a presence on all of those platforms, you will likely be wasting your efforts. Why?


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Don’t Be Afraid To Go Silent on Social Media

By Andi Barton

Contrary to popular belief, there are in fact times when you can–and should–pause your community management. The daily expectations from your fans set high standards in terms of response management and customer service. However, there are times when it is better to remain silent, times when controversy is present or events are unfolding offline that are beyond your control. While your engagement may decline if you take a pause, it’s nothing compared to the negative response you could elicit if you continue to speak up on social during sensitive times.

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The Secret to Your Next Successful Social Media Campaign

By Tiffany Hopkins

If you build it they will come, right? If only it were that easy…

The recipe for a successful social media campaign calls for a variety of ingredients. However, one key element is often overlooked, leaving marketers left to wonder why a great campaign delivered lackluster results. The reason may be as simple as a poor community management strategy.

Community management should be the foundation of any brand’s social media strategy, especially when you are investing time and money on larger social initiatives.  Regardless of the platform, developing an engaged following with positive sentiment toward your brand will be critical to whether or not you achieve your campaign goals.

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Why Your Fans Are Just Not That Into You

By Alexandra Ostrow

You’re a smart, savvy marketer with a killer brand and a large fan following. And yet, the engagement on your page is far from ideal.

It’s unfortunate, but it happens. The truth is: your fans are just not that into you. Here’s why.

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