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3 Ways to Find Content Inspiration

By Amanda DiAntonio


Each month, we are presented with the task of creating new content for brands that we work with. The keyword here being new. The reason I stress this word is because too often brands reuse images and copy that their communities have already seen.  According to the Custom Content Council, “90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.”  If you find yourself struggling to come up with new ideas, here are three simple ways to find some content inspiration. Continue reading

Why Brands Should Use GIFs

By Angela Kuo

When the long-awaited news that Twitter now supports animated GIFs broke, not only did meme-savvy internet users rejoice by tweeting their all-time favorite GIFs, but many brands jumped into the celebration as well. Continue reading

5 Grammar Rules You Can Break on Social Media

By Theresa Braun


While it’s certainly important to use proper grammar (or risk hurting your brand’s online reputation), there are always exceptions to every rule. When writing for social media, you have some added flexibility. In fact, in certain cases, it’s even advisable to ignore the grammar handbook–as long as you do so with a purpose. Social media is a conversation; to be conversational, you need to loosen up your writing.

In short: Sometimes you have to be wrong to be right.

Here are five grammar rules you can–and should–break in your content on social media.

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3 Things All Agencies Should Ask Their Brands

By Mike Mitchell

An agency attempts to court a brand: “May we have this dance?” If the brand accepts, both parties might then become nervous about stepping on each other’s toes. Here are some key questions all agencies should ask their brands at the starts of their relationships, to ensure they get off on the right foot. Continue reading

3 Tips for Engagement During Live Events

By Andrew Minucci

As New York City dreams of marching the Stanley Cup down Broadway for the first time in twenty years, the conversation surrounding live events is no longer limited to living rooms and bar stoolsfans are increasingly taking to social media and the “second screen” to connect with live content. Continue reading

Understanding Online Photo Rights [GUIDE]

By Honey Comer

The internet is the ultimate tool for connecting and sharing, so it isn’t surprising to see individuals and brands publishing loads of content to social media platforms every day.  Imagery, in particular, has gained increasing importance in the social space, with wall posts, pins, and insta-pics being rapidly exchanged.  But what are the inherent risks with all of this sharing?  For one, you may end up inadvertently misusing someone else’s intellectual property.  Example:  Did you know that the wildly popular “Texts from Hillary” Tumblr stemmed from the unauthorized use of an iconic photo?  Luckily, that story had an amicable ending, but it was a major roll of the dice.  So how do social media marketers do their jobs while navigating these complicated legal waters?  Taking the step to familiarize yourself with a few basics can save you trouble down the line (no law degree required). Continue reading

7 Essential Free Tools for Social Media Design

By Emily Taing

Design plays a major part of any web or social media presence. Even though you may not have been schooled in the Visual Arts, these resources can help turn your Social Media content from mediocre to professional. Once you choose network and know the correct specs, read on to discover 7 resources that can help you create amazing Social Media content.
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Who Owns Your Social Content? [VIDEO]

Content is more important than ever. Content is about much more than simple Facebook updates. It’s about quality content that lives across the Web.

The brands that truly understand content are the ones that recognize the best content is not about them, but something valuable for those who see or read it.

However, have you ever wondered, if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest went away, what would happen to your content?

In today’s episode of Carrie’s Corner, I talk about who owns your social content. Plus, I reveal a surprise discount code to Social Fresh East 2014, the social media conference you have always hoped for!


5 Tips to Make Your Blog Content More Likeable

By Kelvin Stiles “Content is king!” I bet every marketer has heard of this jingle almost a zillion times. But what it really entails is still a mystery for most. Understanding the science of content marketing and the essence behind this popular jargon calls for a lot of experimentation. Knowing how your target audience interprets your marketing message is the key to successful marketing campaign. However, it is easier said than done. The million dollar question is, how to write the right content to convey the message you want? Continue reading

Pro Tips: 4 Things You Should Do In Social Content (Pt. 2/2)

By Kelly Byrd

This is part two of a two part content series. Part one: “Guide: 4 Things You Should Avoid Using In Social Content

We’ve talked about what you should avoid doing. Now, what should you focus on?

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