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The 10 Commandments of #TBT (#ThrowbackThursday)

By Sam Sudakoff How does a brand connect with customers in a friendly way rather than come off as a huge, faceless company? Social media creates key opportunities for the humanization of your brand, like in the way you tag photos, share office culture moments online, and how you encourage your communities to engage in [...]

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Pro Tips: 4 Things You Should Avoid Using In Social Content (Pt. 1/2)

By Kelly Byrd This is part one of a two part content series. There have been a lot of posts thus far in 2014 about social media content strategy.  Should you include cats or other animals? To live tweet or not to live tweet? How should Facebook content vary from Twitter content? And so on. [...]

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What To Say When You Have Nothing to Say

By Charlie Balk Every brand has a story, and being on social media is all about telling people that story. That being said, it’s called “social” media for a reason. Don’t just broadcast your story; start a conversation.

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Women Dominate Every Social Media Network — Except One [VIDEO]

Brands have long known the importance of appealing to women. Studies show that the women are responsible for 80 percent of household goods purchases. Now that social media has become such an integral part of marketing strategy, it’s critical for brands to relate to their female audience online. According to a recent Pew study, women use [...]

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The Call-to-Action: A Necessary Evil

By Theresa Braun RT this if you’ve seen a brand use a call-to-action on social media in the past week. “Like” this if you found it desperate. Yes, calls-to-action have become routine, perhaps even formulaic. And yet, we see brands continue to use them. Why? Because they work.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter Content (In 140 Characters or Less)

By Amanda DiAntonio Determining what content works for your brand on Twitter may seem like a guessing game at times, but as many brands have already discovered, finding the right content is like striking (social) gold. Since Twitter users are 3 times more likely to follow brands than Facebook users, developing a successful content strategy (or [...]

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Facebook Content: What’s the Point Anymore?

By Mallorie Rosenbluth Have you heard? Facebook significantly changed its algorithm several times in the last few months. Beginning last August, brands across the platform saw reach suffer tremendously. (In case you need a refresher, think about reach the way traditional media measures impressions; it’s just Facebook’s way of counting how many eyeballs are seeing your [...]

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3 Ways to Create Killer Content

By Mike Mitchell Besides their perennial “Where do babies come from?” query, children are always asking, “How does online content go from ideation to publication?” Gotta love kids – so predictable. While there is no set of hard-and-fast rules to decisively answer this, I do recommend the following guidelines for creating killer, engaging content.

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Love at First Sight: How to Make Readers Smitten with Your Blog Post

By Shari Donk What’s the first thing you notice when you’re looking for love? Is it nice eyes? Smooth hair? A huge Twitter following? There’s often something that immediately catches the eye, making us look twice.  And when it comes to getting an audience to fall in love with your blog post, the same applies. [...]

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