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3 Ways to Create Killer Content

By Mike Mitchell Besides their perennial “Where do babies come from?” query, children are always asking, “How does online content go from ideation to publication?” Gotta love kids – so predictable. While there is no set of hard-and-fast rules to decisively answer this, I do recommend the following guidelines for creating killer, engaging content.

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The Content Like Cycle [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Emily Taing As social media continues to grow in almost every market, one study states that in 2013, as many as 77% of Fortune 500 companies are active on Twitter  and 70% are engaging on Facebook. A company’s social media efforts are key to driving authentic interactions with an audience. The infographic below explains the “Content [...]

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Know Your Fan, Grow Your Brand!

By Roly Gonzalez A brand often reaches a point where its fans/followers start interacting after a new social media account has launched. Fans might even provide a lighthearted joke or two, attempting to introduce a bit of levity and humanity into the conversation. As a someone who manages the brand’s page, you can: A)     Delete the jokes. [...]

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14 Social Media Design Tips for 2014

By Emily Taing In the ever-changing world of social media, visual elements are one of the most powerful ways to grab a viewer’s attention. According to Trend Reports, between 65 and 85 percent of people describe themselves as visual learners. SocialClinch compiled an infographic stating that Facebook photo posts get almost 40 percent more interactions than standard text posts. [...]

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Why Facebook Is NOT The Enemy

By Rachel Hadley It’s time for marketers to face a somewhat harsh reality: Social media is not free. Facebook is not the enemy. It is a business and a very successful one at that. Last week, Facebook admitted organic reach has slowly been declining for brands. Gone are the days when brands (and even individuals) [...]

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3 Reasons Why What Matters to Your Fans Should Matter to You

Back in October, I attended a BlogWell conference in Boston and I had the opportunity to hear from a lot of big brands like Fidelity and Reebok, but Dunkin Donuts really stuck out to me. Their PR and Social Media Manager, Jessica Gioglio, said the following: “We don’t run our social media channels. Our fans [...]

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7 Ways to Engage with Industry Influencers on Twitter

By Corey Smock Social media is a great tool for brands to engage in influencer marketing. This strategy targets a specific individual–or type of individual–who has influence over potential buyers in your industry. Influencers can include broadcasters, journalists, professors, analysts, and athletes–any person who has a large following in your field. Developing a relationship with [...]

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The Key To Winning The Internet: Cats

By Alex Benton   It’s not scientific. Some will accuse you of chasing easy clicks. But the numbers don’t lie. The Internet loves cats. And yes, you could spend your days trawling through a Matrix-like stream of Facebook insights, looking for the viral edge your brand desperately needs to take engagement rates to the next level. Or, [...]

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Personality on Social Media – You’ve Gotta Have One!

By Roly Gonzalez Your company is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and the many other social media websites out there. Each day (and sometimes twice a day) you post official-sounding messages that your customers should be drawn to. One problem: they aren’t. The award you won last week; no one seems to care about and [...]

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3 Guidelines for Running a Social Media Contest

By Michele Weisman If you’re planning to launch a social media contest or giveaway, make sure the concept fits your social strategy and your goals. Choosing the right type of promotion to run on any social network can be a challenge. Promotions are important because they drive traffic online and offline, increase brand awareness, surprise [...]

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