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4 Lessons We’ve Learned About Facebook’s Name Policy

By Thomas Zukowski

In September several hundred Facebook users had their personal accounts suspended for using pseudonyms, stage names, or other aliases different from their “legal name.” Members of the LGBT community were disproportionately affected, as drag queens and transgender performers with names like “Sister Roma” and “Lil Miss Hot Mess” were told to change their profiles or risk deactivation. The security policy was met with criticism and protests, leading Facebook to publicly apologize and reexamine its enforcement procedures.

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Is Your Brand’s Facebook Marketing Irrelevant?

By Carrie Kerpen

There was a time when companies that built Facebook tabs were gobbled up by behemoth companies like SalesforceGoogle, and Oracle. Given astronomical valuations, it was clear that Facebook marketing was key to the success of businesses big and small.

Except that Facebook, my friends, has changed drastically. Continue reading

Why Facebook is Better at Advertising Than Google

By Rachel Hadley

I find it both extremely interesting and ironic that after Google tried to beat Facebook at social media, Facebook is going to beat Google at advertising. If you had told me this three years ago, I would have told you that you were crazy. But I find myself clicking Facebook ads more often than I care to admit. That’s because Facebook knows me and therefore, advertisers are able to target me more specifically.

Here’s why I think Facebook is a more powerful advertising platform and will ultimately surpass Google in ad spend. Continue reading

What Facebook Atlas Means To Marketers

By Tim Bosch

Last week Facebook announced the re-launch of Atlas, a digital advertising platform in which you can focus on an individual’s behavior rather than cookies. Continue reading

3 Tips for Successful Videos on Social Media

By Andrew Minucci

Video has been a part of the human experience since we first learned to capture motion on film. The JFK assassination, the Moon Landing, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and countless other moments in our history were played out and consumed on screens of all shapes and sizes. From the historic to the mundane, we are enthralled by video.

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Will Custom Audiences Replace Fans in Facebook Advertising?

By Terry Sheridan

Digital Advertisers, with some minor deviations, mostly understand the Facebook conversion funnel as a four step process:

1. Grow fan base.

2. Promote a genuine interest in your community and product.

3. Host contests and giveaways to excite, surprise, and delight

4. Drive traffic to your website to convert. Continue reading

3 Statistics to Judge Early Facebook Advertising Performance

By Noah Jarosh

In baseball, the two most important stats are the number of runs scored against your team and the number of runs your team scores. For individual players, things like ERA, OPS, and batting average are key statistics. They are the numbers that directly weigh how well you are achieving your end goal—to get on base for batters, to keep players off the base paths for pitchers.

However, outside of these primary statistics are a number of peripheral figures that can help indicate future performance: strikeouts and walks, batting average on balls in play, etc. These aren’t figures that show an end-goal, but they can be excellent resources when attempting to estimate how a player will perform moving forward.

There is a similar concept with Facebook advertising. There are, of course, KPIs that are expected to be met. These are things like acquiring a certain number of new fans for a Facebook page, earning a certain number of engagement, and driving ROI in e-commerce advertisements. Likes, engagements, conversions, app installs, etc. The end goals.

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Understanding the Facebook Ad Funnel

By Tim Bosch and Michael Harari

The Facebook algorithm has significantly changed over the last year. Because of this, it’s now harder to organically reach your fans with content. Obviously, your brand wants its photos and videos to be seen, so promotion through Facebook’s ad platform is necessary. But on what terms? Not every single piece of content deserves to be promoted, yet, the right piece of content (visual, message, etc.) has the potential to go further than promoting every post.

What does targeting look like? What type of ads work best in each segment of the funnel? How do you measure for success? The infographic below will help guide you through the Facebook Ad Funnel.

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3 Reasons Why Getting Rid of “Like-Gating” is a Good Thing

By Dylan O’Shea

As you may have heard by now, Facebook has announced that it is no longer allowing “like-gating” to be used.  The “like-gate” is a frequently-used method which requires users to “like” a page before being able to enter a competition, use a particular app, or view content within that page.  This method was deployed in an effort to drive up the number of “likes” for a respective Facebook page which has long been one of the key performance indicators of a brands Facebook presence. Continue reading

The Dos and Don’ts of Posting on Facebook

By Corey Smock

Navigating Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm can be a tall task for marketers. Organic reach is becoming more difficult to come by and engagement rates are plummeting. Facebook remains overly picky about what it does and doesn’t like to see from brands. Luckily, there is still hope for us out there. We just have to be strategic. Continue reading