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How Brands Can Combat the Facebook Exodus

By Mallorie Rosenbluth We’ve all seen the reports and articles: Facebook is passe, people are fatigued and fleeing and there’s no way any high school student would be caught dead posting photos at a place where (gasp!) their parents are present. This spells major trouble for brands who have spent the last several years exerting tons of effort [...]

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5 Facebook Marketing Resolutions To Make In 2014

By Tim Bosch From unpublished page posts to custom audiences, 2013 has been a year of dramatic changes for Facebook Marketers. In 2014, concentrate on these 5 things and you’ll be off to a great start!

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3 Ways Social Ad Platforms Are Improving Their Product for 2014

By Cassidy Bohan As marketers are finding it more difficult to reach their audience on social news feeds, there has been plenty of conversation about the value of social ads. Some brands are frustrated with the fact that social media marketing is no longer free,  but others have taken the steps to realize that social [...]

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4 Ways to Reengage Your Bored Facebook Following

By John Bonini The savviest of Facebook marketers all have one very important thing in common. It’s not strategic. It’s certainly not tactical. Most of all, it’s not serendipitous. The best Facebook marketers all do one thing remarkably well; they act like humans. They understand why people are using the platform, and more importantly, they [...]

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HOW TO: Boost Engagement Without Touching Your Content

By Charlie Balk As Facebook continues to manipulate its algorithm, unpaid reach will continue to plummet and social media managers will need to do everything they can to combat the trend. The most direct solution is improving your content. But a lot can be done to create a community where people actually want to comment, [...]

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Why Facebook Is NOT The Enemy

By Rachel Hadley It’s time for marketers to face a somewhat harsh reality: Social media is not free. Facebook is not the enemy. It is a business and a very successful one at that. Last week, Facebook admitted organic reach has slowly been declining for brands. Gone are the days when brands (and even individuals) [...]

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20 is Plenty: Why Facebook’s 20% Rule is Good for You

By Roly Gonzalez When promoting a brand, product, or service, marketers tend to gravitate toward using a catchy tagline, slogan, motto, or sentence that sums up its greatness. (As a Marketing professional, I did/do the same thing so I feel your pain.) On Facebook, this involves creating a dazzling image and then embedding text on [...]

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Facebook Images: The 20% Text Rule [with Free Template]

By Ramon Thompson Recently, Facebook implemented a limitation on the amount of text that would be allowed on an image in order for it to be used as an ad. Let’s look at a more efficient way of ensuring that our images meet this requirement!

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Forrester’s Misguided Condemnation of Facebook

By Tim Bosch Last week Forrester published a surprisingly harsh and ambiguous blog regarding the strength of Facebook as a marketing channel. Forrester implies marketers should abandon Facebook.  However, for most of us, this is a terrible idea. This report along with the claim that Facebook is failing marketers is wrong for so many reasons.

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How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Insights

By Rachel Hadley People in the social media industry are generally very creative– and sometimes creative people are not particularly analytical. In order to calculate social media ROI, you need to be comfortable with numbers.  Likeable provides its clients with a monthly analysis of Facebook data. It ultimately helps us determine the best time, day and format [...]

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