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What’s Link Building Got to Do With Your Social Strategy?

By Amanda DiSilvestro When we look back at the changes Google made in 2013, as well as the start of 2014, we find that many of them come back to link building. We saw a lot of efforts by Google to get link building to be less on the minds of marketers (at least link building for SEO purposes). While some [...]

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9 Things From The ’90s That Social Media Replaced

By John Kultgen Teens today don’t have it as tough as we did: Answering machines sometimes didn’t record your message. You had to settle for a celebrity’s autograph because you forgot your camera. Times were hard; yet we still found ways to communicate. While  social media platforms are relatively new, the way people socialize on [...]

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5 Reasons Brands Should Be Using Google+

By Corey Smock Google+ is thought to be a sleeping giant: waiting quietly in the shadows of social media, resting peacefully, hoping to one day be woken up by a flurry of users and activity. For a long time that was the case, but now, with its recent rise in functionality and value toward brands, [...]

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Cheat Sheet: How to Win on Google+ in 2014

By Kelly Byrd Dare I say it, Google+ is still an underrated network. For all of it’s capabilities, many are still not sure how to capitalize on the platform. Here’s a short cheat sheet (with some features reminders) for your G+ use in 2014:

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Do The Google + Updates Really Matter?

By Cara Friedman BIG NEWS! Google made a bunch of significant updates to its properties.  At Wednesday’s announcement, the company shared that it would be making changes to a number of different products including new apps, Google maps, and Gmail. But as social media marketers, the news we were most excited about were those changes [...]

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4 Ways Marketers Can Adapt To Evolving Technology

By Jon Igielnik Technology is only becoming more and more integrated into our everyday lives; staying ahead of the curve is critical. Google Glass combines many technologies, each of which are game-changers in their own right, including augmented reality, HD video, geo-tagging and NFC (Near Field Communications). Together, these innovations are thrusting us into a world [...]

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3 Ways To Add Short Form Video In Your Content Mix

By Ike Brooker Vine. Vine. Vine. No, Vine isn’t the reason why you need short form video content in your strategy, but it does prove that the time has come for video to begin taking its place at the front of a content strategy. Sure, it’s limited, but limits can foster creativity, limits and legos. [...]

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Slow and Steady Wins the Social Race

By Kelsey Ohman Last week, Dave Kerpen suggested that this may be Google’s year to “excel at social media” in his 3 Surprising Social Media 2013 Predictions.  He explained that Google needs to see success with Google Plus or by acquisition of another big player (Pinterest, Twitter) in order to remain relevant in the social [...]

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How to Feel Lucky(er): Optimizing Your Social Strategy with Google Analytics

By Serena Goldberg You are generating more and more social media content every day, and if you are smart, are analyzing the resulting data to optimize your efforts. What types of content are generating the most likes and retweets?  What content produces the greatest increase in Facebook fans? The big question remains however: What is the [...]

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Google+: Now What?

Google+: Now What?

By: Andi Barton It’s hard to deny the recent lack of conversation regarding Google+ in the social media realm. Between the competing networks, and lack of particularly active users, it seems Google has been trying hard to reignite the buzz for their social network. They’ve been making some recent changes in hopes to revamp their [...]

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